EY Bulgaria Published the Third Edition of the Family Business Yearbook in Bulgaria

The Family Business Book presents and promotes companies that operate successfully on both the Bulgarian and international markets, create products and services on a global level and contribute to the development of the Bulgarian economy. This year the book features the stories of:

  • VIP Security, provider of security solutions to tens of thousands of households and businesses in Bulgaria;
  • Express Service, producer and developer of new models of diesel and battery locomotives in Bulgaria;
  • IPS, developer of systems for production and storage of energy from renewable sources;
  • Camco, producer, trader and distributor of cosmetics, perfumery and beauty accessories;
  • Kendy, producer of pharmaceutical products and food additives;
  • Mes-ko, producer of sausages, meat delicacies and high quality wines Orbelia;
  • Solid-55, producer of security and locking systems, armored doors and “smart” solutions in this segment;
  • Tangra-AV, designer and constructor of ventilation, air-conditioning and heating equipment.

The eight stories in this book show that Bulgarian family business proudly takes its place in the national economy and is a stable foundation that has withstood crises and turbulence over the years. The story of each company is an inexhaustible wealth of knowledge, experience, and wisdom.

The book can be downloaded from the following link