The UN FAO Created a Dashboard for the War in Ukraine with the ArcGIS Dashboard

The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations warns that the war in Ukraine has pushed 15.7 million people to be in need of humanitarian assistance and forced massive population displacement. Over 5.1 million people have fled the country, and an estimated 7.7 million are internally displaced. The destruction of or damage to agricultural infrastructure and markets, and the disruption of food supply chains is threatening the food security of already vulnerable populations. Agriculture-based livelihoods, a key source of income for 12.6 million people (30 percent of the population) who live in rural areas of Ukraine, are severely impacted by the war.

In order to respond adequately and in a timely manner to the food and humanitarian crisis, the UN FAO conducted research among people in the affected areas by its 93 national and international staff working on the ground in Ukraine. The assessment was based on semi-structured interviews with the respondents providing both answers and explanatory remarks on the situational context in their respective Oblast. The survey is planned to be repeated monthly and the data will be added to an interactive dashboard created with Esri’s ArcGIS Dashboard application. Information from the first survey – by area, with maps and charts – is now available at this link