AmCham Committees Leadership Elections: Call for Nominations

We entered 2022 with great expectations for relief and to overcoming the pandemic. However, the war in Ukraine changed our perspectives and put the European Union, NATO and Bulgaria under great pressure. Despite these developments, AmCham should continue the implementation of its mission and to serve its members.

Following the recent development of the chamber and its committees, we need more senior people to join and dedicate time and knowledge to help the chamber to realize its priorities. So far we have eight established committees that are focused on industry-related matters or work on cross-industry issues. Their deliverables – position papers, reports, legal proposals, and ideas – can contribute towards enhancing the business environment of Bulgaria.

It is about time to address our membership with AmCham’s second Call for Nominations. With this announcement we are starting the nomination and the election processes for Chairs / Co-Chairs of the following committees:

  1. Human Capital and Education (Co-Chair for Education)
  2. Tax and Finance (Co-Chair for Finance)
  3. Manufacturing
  4. Research, Innovation and Startup

We firmly believe that your unique contribution is crucial for our mutual success. That is why you are encouraged to send a letter of interest in case you would like to take part in the positive change in Bulgaria.

Send us your nominations by May 25th, 2022 at stephania@amcham

Committees Leadership Election Process

Each Member Company can send one nomination for a Co-Chair for the specific committee.

Requirements for the candidates:

  • To be an employee of a Member Company in good standing (Membership dues are paid).
  • Only one person from one company for each committee can be nominated at any given time.
  • The candidate must have 5+ (five plus) years of experience in the sector; preferably on a managerial position; must have experience in managing groups/committees.
  • The candidate needs to provide in writing the main priorities which they will be working on during their mandate and list specific proposals for the development of the committee.
  • The candidate cannot hold a leadership position in any national, bilateral, or foreign chambers of commerce.
  • At the moment of nomination, the candidate accepts the terms of the Committee Chair Engagement Agreement. After the election, the Chair/Co-Chair must sign the Committee Chair Engagement Agreement not later than 2 weeks after the election, otherwise, they will be dismissed automatically, and a special election is to be called.

The deadline for receiving nominations is May 25th, 2022.

The AmCham Board will make the final decision on the Chair/Co-Chair candidacy. Targeted timing June 2022.

One mandate for a Chair/Co-Chair is 2 (two) years

A Chair/Co-Chair can be re-elected without limitation. 

A Chair/Co-Chair can hold this position only for one committee at AmCham.

In case of two Co-Chairs, they will have equal rights, as specified in the Committee Chair Engagement Agreement.

Election Process for Committees

Committee Chairs Engagement Agreement