Career Expectations of Young Talents 2022 – Results of the MANPOWERGROUP Bulgaria Study

Opportunities for career development, gaining new knowledge and good interpersonal relations in the workplace are among the main desires and expectations from students and representatives of Generation Z.

ManpowerGroup Bulgaria’s “Career Expectations of Young Talents” study is conducted for the second consecutive year. This year over 250 Bulgarian students and young professionals took part in the survey. The majority of respondents studied or are studying in Bulgaria (73%), while 27% are studying or have completed their studies abroad.

On the question “Do you plan to work abroad in the next 5 years?” we observe a relative equality between those who answered that they have no such intentions (50%) and those who will do so if given the opportunity (41%) or immediately after graduation (9%). 85% of respondents said they were currently employed. The majority of young talent (43%) are looking for long-term employment between 3 and 5 years, and 23% would stay with a company for 5 to 10 years. 18% gave 1-3 years as their answer, followed by just 7% who would stay with a company for more than 10 years.

However, to be satisfied with their jobs, young people have a variety of expectations from their employers – they put the opportunity for career development first (77%), followed by the opportunity to gain new knowledge (70%) and good interpersonal relationships third (61%). The factors that matter least when choosing an employer are the innovation and technology implemented in the job, the company’s portfolio and the additional benefits offered.

Young talents expect their leaders to be able to organize work processes effectively (85%), provide quality and constructive feedback (81%), and act as a motivator for their teams (73%).

The use of technology in work processes and gamification as a way to manage human resources are some of the current trends in the labor market. Nearly 85% of the younger generation find training through gamification more engaging and beneficial compared to 70% last year. 73% indicate that they find employers who implement this type of technology more interesting.

The survey results were also the topic of discussion during this month’s episode of Club HR Navigator. Guest in the Clubhouse studio were Milena Stoycheva from JA Bulgaria, Petar Dzhuganski from OpenTag and Maria Dineva from ManpowerGroup Bulgaria who shared their opinions and impressions related to the labor market and the role of the new generation in it.

A detailed analysis of the study, as well as which employers are most preferred by young talents, can be found here