The BioTech Company NASEKOMO Revealed Its New Brand Identity

As of beginning of June, the bio-technology company Nasekomo had revealed its new visual identity. Besides the new logo in new color scheme, it gives the company a totally new approach to its public presentation. Nasekomo follows bold goals and the renewed brand reveals better the company’s will to follow them with perseverance and consistency.

“Our new logo visually combines Nasekomo’s environmental mission together with the technological path to achieve it”, said the co-founder, Xavier Marcenac. He claimed that Nasekomo is not just a company that creates certain products. It fights climate change and deforestation. “We can significantly reduce organic waste and thus help the nature to restore”, explained Marc Bolard, co-partner and bio-technologist at Nasekomo. “We also aim to restore the sustainability of the food system through circular economy”, he said.

The company had also chose a new slogan – “Co-founded with Nature”. It reflects the management’s intentions to work in cooperation with various industries and to create a network of like-minded organizations, turning the company into a cross point of technology with nature.

The new corporate image speaks mainly to the company’s potential partners and comes to show the team’s ambition to position Nasekomo as a clear technological leader in the insect industry which has the potential to become the new biotech revolution for humanity.

The color of the new brand is based on the definite “black on white”, which once again emphasizes the company’s determination to follow the outlined plans. However, the new visual policy also allows various color solutions, which softens the definiteness of the image and adds diversity to the company’s values. Thus, the new logo gives the brand a visual identity, much closer to the goals and business intentions of the company.

Nasekomo is a start-up founded in 2017 with the idea of becoming a technology company enabling the nascent industry of insects for feed and food. The company develops automated insect breeding solutions and builds an innovative platform to increase the efficiency of insect protein production. By extracting protein from the larvae of the Black Soldier Fly, Nasekomo produces protein flour for feed and high-quality pet food. It also produces oil for cosmetics industries and a soil improver for organic farming. The model of Nasekomo is an example of innovation, sustainable business and circular economy.

The new brand identity of Nasekomo was created by an international team of proven artists, analysts and marketers, brought together under the KUBA & FRIENDS brand. The agency is positioned in the UK.