Modern Swimming Pools Launch at One of Sofia Region’s Largest Schools with Bulgarian Virtues Support

The students from one of Sofia region’s largest schools – Hristo Yasenov Secondary School in Etropole Municipality will be able to practice their favourite water sports in two newly renovated indoor swimming pools thanks to a major overhaul performed under Bulgarian Virtues Charity Programme.

The tricolor ribbon marking the official opening of the pools was cut by Etropole Deputy Mayor Mrs Stanka Dimitrova, the Executive Director of Geotechmin Mr Dominic Hamers and the Executive Director of Ellatzite-Med M.Eng. Dragomir Draganov.

‘This is a project of particular importance for our small town. Young people in Etropole have the same desires and aspirations to develop under appropriate conditions and we must support them,’ said the School Principal Mrs Mila Mancheva in her welcome speech at the opening ceremony. And she added, ‘Bulgarian Virtues Charity Programme of GEOTECHMIN GROUP provides this amazing opportunity to our children to do sports. Sport is one of our children’s favorite activities and swimming is their dream.’ Mrs Mancheva expressed her genuine gratitude to the donors for the good deed and personally to Prof. DSc. Eng. Tzolo Voutov, President of Geotechmin OOD who, according to her own words, is very supportive to young people’s goals and dreams. She also thanked the donor companies – Geotechmin, Ellatzite-Med, Geostroy, Geotrading and their management teams. In addition, she extended her appreciation to the municipal administration in the person of Mayor Dimitar Dimitrov who had provided funds for repairing the area around the swimming pool rooms. Last but not least, Mrs Mancheva thanked the contractors who completed the project in high quality and on time.

The Deputy Mayor of Etropole Mrs Stanka Dimitrova started her speech by greeting the guests and students. ‘We are opening these swimming pools where our children will practice one of the most important sports for their health and physical activity. Over the years, the swimming pools have been closed, but thanks to the framework agreement signed between Etropole Municipality and the companies of GEOTECHMIN GROUP we enjoy these amazing newly refurbished facilities. According to this agreement, children’s education, good health and well-being are considered a top priority.’ Mrs Dimitrova expressed her hope that future national and Olympic medalists will start their athletic career from here. And she added, ‘I am so grateful on behalf of the Mayor of Etropole Mr Dimitar Dimitrov for this large-scale overhaul of the school executed with financial donations from Geotechmin, Ellatzite-Med, Geostroy and Geotrading. By providing excellent learning environment for the children, they have proven that our priorities match with theirs.’

‘For us, this is one of the most significant projects in the social and educational sphere, which has been completed with the support of Bulgarian Virtues Charity Program,’ said Mr Dominic Hamers. We embraced the initiative offered by Etropole Municipality and Mrs Mancheva in addition to another project – complete replacement of the school’s oil-fired steam installation with a modern gas heating system, and renovation of the school gym. By supporting these projects, we aim to improve the learning environment and provide modern sports and recreation facilities for the students. Children are the future of Bulgaria, the future of Etropole Municipality and we as companies and employers in this municipality will continue working with enthusiasm, faith and perseverance for the children’s welfare,’ said Mr Dominic Hamers.

After the official event, the hosts and the guests were able to see the swimming pool room, the renovated shower and locker facilities and other premises. They also watched the first swimming lesson for upper-grade students. The swimming pools are also very important for the youngest residents of Etropole who will not need to go for a swim to the neighboring municipalities. Now they can go swimming in their hometown.