Edenred Bulgaria’s Charity Relay Race Raised over BGN 10,000 for Hospital St. Marina, Varna

The funds will be used to purchase infusion pumps for the Hospital’s Pediatrics. For the third year in a row, Edenred Bulgaria held a charity relay race in Borisova Garden, which was attended by 64 teams and over 250 participants. They ran over 750 km and raised over BGN 10,000 to support the Pediatrics of the Varna Hospital “St. Marina ”. The event is organized jointly with 5KM RUN.

Every year Edenred Group celebrates its Idealday, choosing causes and socially oriented projects to support. As it unfolds, all of Edenred’s employees around the world unite around a useful causes.

Every year the Edenred group celebrates its Idealday, choosing causes and socially oriented projects to support. On this day, all employees of the group, in all 45 countries around the world, unite around a useful causes in support of local communities. After the success of last year’s campaign, for which Edenred Bulgaria was awarded and won the BBLF Annual Responsible Business Awards 2021, this year the company again organized a charity relay race for companies Edenred RUN 2022 to celebrate its Idealday.

With 100% of the collected BGN 10,524 from this year’s campaign, infusion pumps will be purchased for the Pediatrics of the Hospital St. Marina in Varna, which includes three clinics, one children’s intensive care unit and an emergency department for children.

The hospital treats over 5,500 children a year. At least half of them require intravenous infusions during treatment, as well as accurate dosing when performing diagnostic tests. Infusion pumps refine the rate and dosage of intravenous drug infusions. At present, these infusions are done by hand by medical staff with all the risk of human error.

“Thanks to Edenred employees, our customers and partners who have recognized the cause of Edenred Run 2022 and are willing to join our charity relay race. Together we have proven that we are stronger and can achieve a lot! Thank you very much!” Commented Medi Benbugera, CEO of Edenred Bulgaria.

More information about the event here: https://bit.ly/3ntYckd