TBI Teamed up with eMAG to Provide More Affordable Shopping

In order to meet the need for flexible financing tools in online shopping, TBI is partnering up with eMAG – one of the leading online shopping platforms in the country. By integrating the TBIPay solution for payment in installments, emag.bg customers have the opportunity to buy the products they want at the moment and pay for them in a convenient period and conditions, choosing one of the several options offered by the bank.

The entire process of financing the order – from submitting a loan application to obtaining approval from the bank, is done entirely online in minutes. The goods that can be purchased include all product categories offered on the eMAG platform – from smartphones and appliances through home goods to fashion accessories and sports items, worth from BGN 100 to 30,000 for a period of 3 to 48 months. The solution is available both for orders from the eMAG platform and in the three eMAG showrooms in the country.

TBI is also the first financial institution in Bulgaria to offer this payment model in the eMAG Marketplace Bulgaria – a platform that allows retailers to offer products on their own behalf and under their own brand, using all the technological and marketing advantages of the online retailer. Currently, more than 5 000 retailers offer more than 1.5 million active products of various categories in the eMAG Marketplace. Over the last year, the traffic to the eMAG Marketplace platform has increased by 27% and more than 1.6 million orders have been placed. By integrating TBI’s financing solution, the bank aims to make the products offered even more accessible to Bulgarian consumers, and eMAG – to stimulate the growth of its marketplace platform, as well as merchants who are part of it.

“We are extremely happy to provide even more opportunities to finance the purchases of Bulgarian consumers, regardless of whether their needs are related to buying goods for the home, car, family or other. With eMAG we found not only a platform offering a wide range of products, but also a trusted partner with whom we believe we will be able to provide an excellent user experience”, shared Nadezhda Kotsinova, Merchant Solutions Driver at TBI.

“More and more people are making online shopping a habit, even for their daily or weekly shopping, because they have personally seen the benefits and convenience of it. The TBIPay solution is another step in providing an excellent customer experience to the platform’s users and supporting the business of our Marketplace merchants. With a fully digital, fast and convenient process, as well as many options for customizing repayment plans, this solution fits perfectly into the philosophy of eMAG, based on modern technology to help customers save time and money. We believe that the advantages of having different payment options as well as the benefits that this brings – like more orders and more products sold, are visible,” said Razvan Blanita, Director of eMAG Marketplace Bulgaria.

The TBIPay solution is a proven financial instrument for paying in installments, as nearly 15,000 merchant locations in Bulgaria and Romania have already implemented it in their online or physical store.