Mastercard UNIVERSE by Postbank Won Prestigious Recognition at the International 2021 Elan Awards

Mastercard UNIVERSE, the metal credit card by Postbank, won prestigious recognition in this year’s edition of the International Card Manufacturers Association’s (ICMA) 2021 Elan Awards. Mastercard UNIVERSE is a premium product of the highest class, which is an innovative combination of unique design and exclusive benefits. The card was awarded in the Environmentally Friendly Cards category in recognition of its innovation in design, security, and technical excellence in the creation of the next-generation special payment instrument. The financial institution is the only winner from Bulgaria in the prestigious competition for excellence in card design, while the application was submitted in partnership with IDEMIA, the company that produces top-end metal bank cards.

“Our mission with the creation of Mastercard UNIVERSE was to offer a different, innovative, and valuable financial solution to our customers, thereby ensuring they receive the attention they deserve and meet their highest expectations. Our black metal card combines an extensive package of services and preferences and provides premium service with a personal touch and special treatment for each cardholder. What’s different about this unique product is its modernist design, which is intertwined with the sustainable and eco-friendly manufacturing model. We are extremely pleased that our efforts have been recognised by the International Card Manufacturers Association and we look forward to continuing our mission of developing eye-catching payment cards that delight consumers, meet their needs, and at the same time develop the use of sustainable materials in our business further,” Postbank commented.

Each year, the prestigious Elan Awards shine a light on the best in the global card industry, recognising achievements in both card design and technological innovation. They award those manufacturers, suppliers, and contractors engaged in card innovation and customisation, distinguishing them as industry leaders. The event is held in the US and is attended by representatives from all over the world. The leading names of the 2021 participating companies include some of the largest international financial institutions—US Bank, HypoVereinsbank, Nationwide Building Society, Chase Card Services, Knab, Virgin Money Australia, China CITIC Bank Credit Card Center, Bank of Guangzhou, Huaxia Bank, Industrial and Commercial Bank of China, as well as Starbucks, Huawei, and others.

Launched in 2021, the Environmentally Friendly Cards category highlights the growing interest of manufacturers in using environmentally friendly materials and processes to help protect the environment and meet the growth in consumer demand for sustainable products. Metal has environmental advantages due to the following characteristics: environmentally friendly material, sustainability, and durability; high recycled material content and return on investment rate; long service life; significant reduction of the number of resources used; 100% recyclable in the same product without reducing quality. In addition to all these advantages, the Mastercard UNIVERSE metal card has an artistic and notable design, using graphic and engraved elements.

The luxurious metal credit card by Postbank is created through special craftsmanship with a minimalist style in black and silver with the infinity symbol, which fully meets the vision of modern consumers. Apart from its striking appearance, it provides the bank’s customers with a number of conveniences and privileges that open up a universe of new possibilities for them. With it, they have access to an extensive package of services, including a personal Premium Banker and a high level of service; access to the financial institution’s dedicated Premium Centres; contact with a dedicated call centre serving Premium customers; exclusive discounts for cardholders at reputable restaurants, hotels, shops, and other outlets; free access to high-speed internet, which is available at various airports, hotels, and in over a million public places worldwide, thanks to Boingo Wi-Fi; free travel assistance insurance with high coverage up to 200,000 euros when travelling abroad; access to a special Concierge Personal Assistant service, with which customers facilitate their daily life and save time when organising reservations for hotels around the world, restaurants, tickets for special events, trips, and much more.

The Elan Awards are open to members of the International Card Manufacturers Association, and winners are selected from over 100 entries from North America, the Middle East and Africa, Asia, Europe and other parts of the world. Winning the Elan Awards provides exposure, authority and prominence in the industry, and is a symbol of recognition for the high standards met in card manufacturing in terms of sustainability. The categories of the competition include cards based on their specifics: Environmentally Friendly and Metal Cards; Best Secure Payment Card; Loyalty, Promotional and Gift Cards; Best Secure Access ID Card; Unique Innovation; Best Personalisation & Fulfilment (P&F) Product, Service or Project; Best Supplier/Vendor New Product, Service or Innovation.