For the First 6 months of 2022, AES’ TPP in Galabovo Has Generated a Record Amount of Electricity Since Its Commissioning

AES’ TPP in Galabovo has set a production record for the first half of 2022. From January to June this year, the power plant has produced 1 965 171 MWh of electricity, which is over 30% more compared to the same six-month period of 2021. This is also the highest output to date for a six-month period since the commissioning of the TPP 11 years ago. With its power generation for half of the year, the newest coal-fired power plant in Bulgaria provided the consumption for 6 months of around 1.1 million Bulgarian households, the data shows.

AES Galabovo TPP

Only in June, AES’ TPP in Galabovo generated 324,048 MWh of reliable energy from Bulgarian coal. This is a growth of 690% compared to June 2021. In the past month, the most advanced coal-fired TPP in Bulgaria provided 12% of the electricity consumption in the country. Along with the other AES Bulgaria’s facility – St. Nikola Wind Farm, the two power plants have generated 13% of the electricity consumed by the Bulgarian customers in June 2022. This means that every 7th kWh of energy consumed in Bulgaria in June has been provided by AES Bulgaria.

‘This shows the key role of AES’ TPP in Galabovo both for the energy security of the country and its energy independence. Because the power plant uses only Bulgarian energy resource – lignite coal mined in the state-owned Mini Maritza East’, Ivan Tzankov, Managing Director of AES Bulgaria commented.

‘Coal is an important transition fuel on the EU’s path to a greener energy future. In Bulgaria, the coal-fired TPPs in the Maritza East complex are of key importance for the transition to a carbon-neutral energy sector and economy. This is also evident from the output of AES’ TPP in Galabovo for the first six months of 2022. By using locally produced lignite, AES’ TPP in Galabovo also plays an important role in maintaining socially affordable electricity prices in the country’, Olivier Marquette, President of AES Bulgaria said.

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AES is the largest investor in the energy sector in Bulgaria. The company owns and operates the newest and most advanced thermal power plant in South East Europe – TPP AES Galabovo and is the majority owner and operator of the largest wind farm in the country – “Saint Nikola” near the town of Kavarna.
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