A 17-meter Painting Inspired by the Biggest Coastal City in Bulgaria and by the Summer Cropped up at the Marine Station in Varna

The Art for Air project is a collaboration between Philip Morris Bulgaria and the intermedia artist Eli Joteva

The pulse of Varna and the elements of summer are interwoven in the Аrt for Air project artwork, which cropped up in the first days of summer. In collaboration with Philip Morris Bulgaria the intermedia artist Eli Joteva created an urban art mural in one of the most dynamic and busy locations in the city – the entrance of the Marine Station.

The urban environment meeting the sea breeze inspired Eli Joteva to create a composition combining various elements that reveal the values that the company embraces. The tranquillity and freedom of the sea horizon and the dynamic of the summer are perfectly synchronized in the art collaboration with the sun at its centre. It conveys a message about the importance of diversity as a driver of evolution and progress. 3D images of Varna’s buildings add to the authenticity of the mural highlighting how urban art can improve the environment. The hand symbolizes how important being together is and the seabed elements imply that each of us is unique. The mural is accompanied by webAR experiences that convert the various 2D images in 3D experiences that everyone can browse via augmented reality on their smartphones.

The special Airlite paints that react to sunlight and humidity and capture the fine particles in the air were used to create the mural.

The location selected for the project – the entrance of the Marine Station in Varna – also corresponds to the artwork’s elements. This is the place where the dynamic city and the sea intersect, a place which attracts the citizens and visitors of Varna every day.

About Eli Joteva

The creative practice of Eli Joteva who lives and works in Los Angeles combines photography and digital media and is influenced by contemporary research in the fields of quantum mechanics, neurophysics and machine vision. Currently, she is an Adjunct Professor in Advanced Visual Effects at Drexel University, teaches photogrammetry and augmented reality classes at houdini.school and leads international workshops on volumetric cinema with her collective current.cam.

About Art for Air

The 17-meter panting at the entrance of the Marine Station in Varna is a natural continuation of the exciting Art for Air project collaboration with Bulgarian artists that Philip Morris Bulgaria launched last year. Under the project the company creates urban art reflecting the creative style of the artist, the dynamic of our times and the messages about the importance of diversity and inclusion as drivers of evolution and progress.

The first Art for Air artwork added color to the iconic corner of Gurko and Rakosvki streets in the capital and was created by the poster artist and illustrator Mila Lozanova.