Entract 127 Partners up with Launchee

Entract 127 is excited to partner up with Launchee, Sofia’s premier event streaming studio, to provide members and clients with professional live and video streaming options for their events.

With hybrid events gaining popularity and establishing a new reality in the event business, it is essential for event spaces to be flexible and offer such options to their clients.

The benefits of hybrid events are more than one. From increasing audience capacity to reducing logistic costs, they provide a way for businesses to engage and interact with a larger number of people using the communication method suited to their needs.

Monica Grigorova, General Manager of Entract 127, said: “The organization of a hybrid training, conference or even a podcast at our stylish event space has never been easier with the help of Launchee. We’re delighted to add this to the range of event services we offer to our clients as we aim to provide them with an end-to-end solution for their event needs.”