Postbank offers the special „Project YOUth“ Program

Postbank is launching a special „Project YOUth“ Program aimed at children and young people, with the idea of introducing them to the world of banking products and services, creating in them the ability to take care of their finances. The modern solution was developed to establish financial habits and teach young people independence from an early age. At the same time, it provides them with convenience in making their daily payments, with suitable limits for this in accordance with their age. Among other benefits, such as the ability to choose from a variety of attractive debit card design options and suitable program terms, including the option to set individual limits and control by a parent or guardian, the use of debit cards fosters appropriate consumption, responsible behaviour and prudent management of personal finances from an early age.

With the „Project YOUth“ Program, the bank focuses on building a stable relationship with the youngest users of its products and services, responding to their specific needs and providing them with financial solutions according to their lifestyle.

The „Project YOUth“ Program is intended for children and young people in three age groups – from 7 to 14 years, from 14 to 18 years and from 18 to 26 years. The bank’s youngest clients have the opportunity to choose for their debit card one of six specially created designs and take advantage of a number of benefits. Postbank’s innovative program comes with a key message „Children will be fine everywhere“, which corresponds to the young generation’s adaptability and mobility.

„With the launch of the „Project YOUth“ Program, we are providing yet another modern product solution by Postbank and at the same time, we are investing in the development of young people’s financial knowledge from an early age, so that they can reach their full potential and be independent. By segmenting the program into three different age groups, we address the dynamics in the development of our youngest users so that we can most effectively respond to their financial needs at each stage of their growth. Young people love to express themselves through the choices they make, which is why our debit cards feature distinctive and impressive designs. With the opportunities that „Project YOUth“ provides them, they can now join the financial world of adults,” Postbank commented.

With Postbank debit cards, children and young people acquire new and useful habits, forming their financial culture. With the possibility of contactless payments with the debit card for children and young people at POS terminals and the option of passive access to the „e-Postbank“ Internet banking to check the transactions made with the card, young people learn to manage their budget.

The „Project YOUth“ Program is part of the strategic vision of Postbank, which works with care for its clients and their future, providing them with convenient solutions for their financial plans. At the same time, the Program complements the bank’s innovative portfolio of products and services with high added value for consumers.

Information about all conditions under the Postbank „Project YOUth“ Program and the options it offers can be found in any office of the institution’s wide branch network in the country, as well as online at