Let’s Help People of the Flooded Karlovo and Maritsa Municipality

Dear members,

Our member BCause Foundation is among the organizations helping the 250 families in Karavelovo, Slatina, Bogdan, Trilistnik, Rozino villages, whose homes were ruined by the floods in Karlovo region. Before reconstructing the communities, we must clear up the devastation, the mud, the lumber. We ask companies who can provide excavators and trucks, to send heavy machinery and people to the places.

Needed are also: tools and instruments for the volunteers, water pumps, shovels, rubber boots; bottled water is needed as well.

To connect to the local authorities and volunteers call Elitsa Barakova at +359 888957513 or [email protected].

A DMS campaign is soon to be launched. Companies who wish to donate and offer their employees way to give may ask for a corporate page on platformata.bg