SiteGround Supports “Teach for Bulgaria” with BGN 100,000 Per Year

The leading Bulgarian IT company SiteGround stands behind the cause of “Teach for Bulgaria” to ensure better education in Bulgarian schools. BGN 300,000 in total is the donation that the foundation will receive from SiteGround for three years, divided by BGN 100,000 on an annual basis for 2022, 2023 and 2024.

The financial support will be invested in the training and development of teachers, principals and school teams from all over the country with a focus on modernizing their management and teaching practices aimed at the individual progress of each student.
The support that SiteGround provides to the “Teach for Bulgaria” Foundation is a continuation of a long-standing partnership. Within it, the company has helped both financially and with the strong individual commitment of the management team to the cause of education. The SiteGround CEO, Tenko Nikolov, has also personally actively supported the organization, being a member of the Board of Directors of the “Teach for Bulgaria” foundation since 2022 and participating in the strategic development of the organization.

“SiteGround has been supporting various initiatives of “Teach for Bulgaria” for years. We decided to turn this into a sustainable collaboration. I believe in the cause of better education and I think business has a key role to play. It can help analyze problem areas and propose innovative solutions in response. Getting better educational opportunities for the Bulgarian children is the goal”, commented Tenko Nikolov, CEO of SiteGround.

“SiteGround’s support is extremely valuable for “Teach for Bulgaria” because it allows us to support more Bulgarian schools with a long-term horizon. In education, this is key to making a real impact in every school and for every student. We are even happier that in the person of SiteGround and the people of the company we see true like-minded people, people with whom we share common values ​​and a vision for the future of Bulgarian education and together we will work for them”, commented Trayan Trayanov, Executive Director of “Teach for Bulgaria”.

SiteGround is among the biggest investors in the Bulgarian education. In 2021, the company supported the “Teach for Bulgaria” foundation with BGN 20,000. SiteGround will donate BGN 12 million to the first Bulgarian Institute for Computer Sciences, Artificial Intelligence and Technologies (INSAIT) within five years. The amount will cover the costs of remuneration of the world-class scientists that the institute will attract to teach in our country, for a period of five years. SiteGround is among the biggest investors, along with the Bulgarian government and tech giants like Google and Amazon. SiteGround has also donated to various NGOs that support career guidance for young people as well as entrepreneurial projects and mentoring.