Upcoming Webinar – Special Esri Program for NGOs and Conservation

Register for a free webinar on September 27 to learn how modern Geographic Information Systems (GIS) are successfully applied in the practices of organizations from the non-governmental sector – from all over the world and of all sizes. GIS are indispensable when you want to optimize and facilitate all data collection and management processes, analyze heterogeneous and voluminous information, study processes and phenomena, forecast, plan and make informed decisions.

For more than 50 years, the world leader in the field of GIS, Esri, has been developing software solutions that today are used by over 350,000 organizations worldwide, of which 100,000 are in the NGO sector. Esri’s long-standing successful partnerships with some of the most recognizable companies with noble missions for the planet and humanity, such as the Red Cross, WWF, UNICEF, UNESCO and many others.

Esri software solutions are affordable and effective ways to modernize your organization’s operations and attract more supporters and followers by easily:

  • Create web maps and impressive 2D and 3D visualizations;
  • You work with real-time data and the Internet of Things;
  • You use resources from the largest collection of geographic data, applications, maps, high-quality satellite images – Living Atlas of the World;
  • You have a rich set of ready-to-use GIS applications at your fingertips – from monitoring field activities to dashboards for analyzing results…

And many more useful features!

If you are part of the NGO community register now to learn from Esri Bulgaria’s leading GIS experts about:

  • Esri Conservation Program;
  • Esri NGO Program;
  • The Esri Biodiversity, Natural Resources, and Environmental Platform;
  • ArcGIS Online – collaborative work on projects and programs in a unified GIS environment with shared maps and data;
  • Ready-to-use GIS applications – from field monitoring to results analysis dashboards – application configuration is in your hands;

There is also time for a QA session!

For registration please follow the link