The Welcome Program is the Latest Financial Solution of Postbank

Postbank launches its latest financial solution, which brings together some of the most sought-after products by its customers and offers a wide range of attractive banking services with added value. The Welcome programme enables the institution’s customers to benefit from a consumer or mortgage loan combined with the key advantage of using over ten additional banking services included in the My Family package, free of charge for a full year. In this way, they get the financing they need, save time, effort and money in their daily banking transactions, and can also benefit from special promotional credit card terms. With this innovative concept, the bank offers a comprehensive banking service based on a complex approach, through which it reaffirms its position as a preferred and trusted financial partner.

„With our new Welcome program, we would like to give customers the confidence they need to achieve their dreams, bring their plans to life and say „Welcome“ to the ideas they want to implement. The services we have brought together in our new proposition are tailored to the new attitudes of consumers and aim to meet their expectations by offering a complete financial solution. At Postbank, we are always guided by the idea of a faultless customer experience, and we achieve this with the utmost attention to detail and special treatment that our experts provide on an individual level. With the program, we enable customers to rely on secure and quality solutions at all times so that they have the freedom to meet their goals with ease,“ Postbank said.

The Welcome programme focuses on customers’ need for total solutions. As part of the terms and conditions it offers, customers receive a rich package of everyday banking services with the unique My Family package program at no charge for a full year. It can be easily adapted to customers’ financial needs, with family members deciding which products to include and which benefits to take advantage of. The My Family package comes with the option to protect the family budget with Income Protection Insurance and Family Protection Insurance. The My Family package program includes some of the products and services most used by the bank’s customers for everyday banking and family finance management. The bank’s customers can save up to BGN 200 from their annual expenses on fees for banking products and services. In addition to optimizing the family budget, consumers can also save time by using Postbank’s numerous digital service options, including the ONE Wallet digital wallet. Daily banking becomes easy, fast and convenient, tailored to each customer’s needs.

The Welcome programme has been created in response to the dynamics of the environment and new consumer expectations. It is a continuation of Postbank’s mission to maintain a rich palette of products and services to ensure customer convenience and offer a wide range of financial solutions. Over the years, Postbank has been awarded many times by Bulgarian and international publications for its innovative solutions it develops and implements. In 2022, the financial institution won the „Best Retail Banks, Bulgaria“ award for the fifth time in a row in the World Finance Banking Awards of the publication with the same name, and during the Bank of the Year Awards organized by the Bank of the Year Association in the country, Postbank was named Bank of the Year for 2021.

The Bank provides insurance intermediation for the conclusion of Income Protection Insurance and Family Protection Insurance as an insurance agent of Cardif Bulgaria in accordance with the relevant General Terms and Conditions. Full details of the new Welcome program, the products and services offered and the application requirements, as well as cost savings calculations, can be found at any office in the institution’s extensive branch network nationwide and online at