You’ve Migrated…But What Did You Leave Behind? – On-Demand Webcast

During a migration, it’s almost inevitable that while focusing on the major workloads, certain things will slip through the cracks. However, these not-so-obvious items could come back to haunt you down the road, hindering productivity, causing security and compliance nightmares, creating legal complications and vast sums in wasted budget.

Join Microsoft MVP Sean McAvinue and Quest’s Jason Jacobo to see how to stay on top of your inventory throughout the migration process.

They’ll cover:

  • Why both technical and interview-based discovery are vital to understanding the task at hand?
  • Critical sources, such as PST files, that are rarely considered in initial migration planning.
  • The benefits of migrating email archives and retiring on-premises storage.
  • How to standardize on modern eDiscovery practices, and more.

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