Kamenitza AD Published Its First Sustainability Report

Kamenitza AD has published its first sustainability report, in which it presents its strategy Our Imprint and the achieved results for the period from January 1 to December 31, 2021. The manufacturer’s efforts are focused on two priority areas – people and planet – and aim to make the footprint the company leaves on the environment as positive as possible.

“We are committed to caring for people – employees, customers, consumers, partners, society – and the planet – along with its resources and ecosystems. For us, sustainable development also means setting high standards in doing business the right way and working according to our values. In this first sustainability report for us, we share the priorities and efforts we made in 2021 to be a responsible employer, producer and citizen of the planet.”, says Vladan Matic, Executive director of Kamenitza AD.

Caring for the planet and protecting its resources are one of the main focus areas of Kamenitza’s strategy. In 2021, the company reduced the weight of primary and secondary plastic packaging placed on the market by nearly 70 tons compared to 2020. Water is a basic resource for beer production, and its quality and proper handling is extremely important. The company’s brewery in Haskovo uses 5 own water sources and the water used goes through purification and treatment processes, the most important of which is that in the reverse osmosis installation. From the beginning of 2022, the Kamenitza AD plant in Haskovo purchases only green energy. The company is also committed to supporting local production, as 95% of Bulgarian malt is used to make beer, 95% of the transport companies it works with are Bulgarian, and over 80% of the packaging materials for the products are produced in Bulgaria. In connection with the saving of natural resources and the innovations that the brewer has introduced, 17% less water was used in the production of 1 hl of beer finished product, 12.5% less electricity was used and 65% less purchased carbon dioxide for 2021 compared to 2016.

Also, a big focus in the strategy for sustainable development is the people, who are the driving force and the most important resource of Kamenitza. They are at the center of the company’s success. Kamenitza provides to its people opportunities for development, a motivating and inspiring work environment in which they can find the balance between personal and professional life. Social equality, golden rules of safety in daily work and various programs to ensure the well-being of employees are embedded in the established corporate values and culture. The company supports and motivates the desire for personal and professional development of its employees, and in 2021 more than 450 people participated in more than 25 on-site trainings conducted by both external and internal qualified trainers, and all employees of the company passed 35 different online trainings. In addition to employees, in the priority area – people – of the sustainable development strategy, the company also includes care for consumers, customers, partners, as well as a contribution to society with a number of projects and initiatives, which in the past year have contributed to building a more favorable social environment.

Download the Kamenitza Sustainability Report 2022

Kamenitza Sustainability Report 2022 – Highlights