Financial Services Company Boosts the Business Value of Databases

About this case study

To serve customers and manage its business, AmTrust relies on information in a large number of databases. The easier it is to observe and improve the performance of these databases, the more successful the company can be. That requirement prompted a search for a different monitoring tool.


AmTrust selected and implemented Quest® Foglight®, a cloud-based monitoring and diagnostic solution, to
monitor and optimize database performance. Foglight provides actionable, real-time information to database
managers and their internal customers who want to explore database issues.


• Enables rapid issue resolution;
• Drives code and performance optimizations;
• Facilitates collaborative approach to database problems;
• Delivers detailed, time-stamped data evidence;
• Reduces communications churn;
• Allows easy end-user access over the web.

Solutions at a glance: Quest® Foglight®

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