Hewlett Packard Enterprise operated by Selectium Officially Introduced HPE Ezmeral – Data Management and Analytics Platform

„HPE BigData and Analytics Hub“ – project for data analytics, which has been created in partnership with Sofia Tech Park, was the main topic at the recent event of the company called “Turn Data Chaos into Value”

IT and Business consultants gathered to discuss innovative solutions aiming at business outcome improvements and data management on Wednesday, October 12th, at the event “Turn Data Chaos Into Value”, organized by Hewlett Packard Enterprise Operated by Selectium. A new data fabric platform designed to provide effective and accessible tools for data management and analytics was introduced – HPE Ezmeral.

HPE Ezmeral based project called „HPE BigData and Analytics Hub“ was announced at the forum. The project is created in collaboration between Hewlett Packard Enterprise Operated by Selectium and Sofia Tech Park, and provides means for carrying out fast and accessible business analyses outputs, which are beneficial for big corporations as well as for small and medium business companies, who are searching for ways to manage and analyze their data effectively.

„The project was launched in Sofia Tech Park about a month ago. This partnership aims to bring forth a safe ground for small and medium companies to be able to use properly their accumulated data and draw benefits from this data. I believe that we will achieve the goal of working actively towards improving both business and society outcomes in the country”, said Petar Statev, Chairman of the Supervisory Board at Sofia Tech Park and Chairman of “Petascale Supercomputer Bulgaria” consortium.

„HPE BigData and Analytics Hub“ proves quite a handy tool for small business by providing analytical resources, which can be used as-a-service by companies or as a cloud-like feature. This tool allows smaller companies to avoid big investments and still get crucial business outcomes via data analytics. The availability of the solution as a pay per use instrument alleviates companies with small numbers in personnel from the need to purchase the whole solution or from the need to hire a number of narrowly specialized experts. „HPE BigData and Analytics Hub“ allows customers to use the exact amount of technological resources needed to achieve a specific task or a project as well as granting access to specialists who can consult companies in the process of creating analytical models.

“Companies are overwhelmed with accumulated data and it is very hard for them to monitor, store and manage that data in the best possible way. Managing such huge amounts of data is truly a challenge, but it is also key in terms of a company’s flexibility and development. This is where we come in in order to support companies in this journey”, Sašo Garjetović, Sales Manager, HPE Ezmeral CERTA stated and added: “Our software solution HPE Ezmeral aims at helping companies maximize their compute potential as well as speeding up their digital transformation.”

The main topics at the forum were overcoming the challenges in managing and analyzing big data, bringing forward valuable data outputs that are able to be stored in different places and the importance of data efficiency.

“The majority of our customers’ data is spread and located in different divisions and systems due to many reasons and this becomes an obstacle for these companies as it prevents them from utilizing this data in the best possible way. And yet our customers have their strong arguments against changing their processes. Having in mind these arguments and taking them fully into account, we can now provide a solution that does not require that change. HPE Ezmeral is a fully integrated platform which provides customers with a safe space where they can use and manage their data, regardless where it is stored”, Mariya Kosanova, Managing Director of Hewlett Packard Enterprise Operated by Selectium in Bulgaria commented.

Experts from different business sectors participated in a panel discussion that centered on the challenges of data management. Mariya Kosanova – Managing Director of Hewlett Packard Enterprise Operated by Selectium in Bulgaria, Dimitar Shumarov – CEO and CFO of Postbank – Eurobank EFG Bulgaria, Petar Statev – Chairman of the Supervisory Board at Sofia Tech Park, Tsvetan Aleksiev – CEO of SIRMA Group and Savin Dyankov – Director or Capital Markets and Accounting Advisory Services (CMAAS) sat down and discussed at length the possibilities of overcoming the challenges that companies encounter when working with big data.

The event was organized by Hewlett Packard Enterprise Operated by Selectium with the media partnership of DigitalK and PricewaterhouseCoopers, Sofia Tech Park, IBS Bulgaria, Lirex and CNSYS PLC as sponsors with the main event topic being improving business operations by integrating the right IT solutions that digital transformation requires.