Ventures Lab – Global iGaming Platform Achieves Customized Cloud Web Security for Self and Clients

Ventures Lab ( is an international Gaming platform. The company provides a full range of iGaming services in both Casino and Sports verticals.

As a certified and licensed platform in highly regulated markets, Ventures Lab must meet stringent requirements for security and data privacy. Further, the company offers payment integrations and other systems that make it a high-profile target for attackers. Until recently, Ventures Lab relied upon a large and well-known cloud security solution. But it became clear that something better was needed.


CLOUD PROVIDER: Microsoft Azure


  • Defeating frequent attacks in a regulated, high-visibility industry.
  • Protecting origin IPs behind load- balanced, autoscaling proxies.
  • Providing and managing seamless web security for a large roster of PaaS clients.
  • Minimizing security setup time when onboarding new clients.


Reblaze runs in a Virtual Private Cloud, filtering hostile traffic before it reaches the infrastructure for Ventures Lab and its clients.


  • Attacks are blocked with full visibility and control in real time.
  • Setup time is reduced.
  • Full management and ongoing customization defeats new threats as they arise.
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