Postbank Invests in Employees Education Through a Strategic Partnership with the Business School for the World INSEAD

Postbank launches ambitious partnership with INSEAD, one of the leading and the largest business schools in the world. The agreement between the two institutions will make it possible for the employees of the bank to participate in the educational training programs of the Institute every year and will enable them to further develop their career opportunities by acquiring additional knowledge in areas like „Digital Transformation“, „Innovation“, „Strategy“, „Leadership“ and others. As a leading employer that purposefully invests in team development, the bank once again gives its employees the opportunity to participate in a reputable educational project completely free, providing them with a competitive advantage.

INSEAD’s prestigious business school programs provide an exceptional educational experience. The Institute has key locations in three different continents and every year more than 11,000 executives take part in its training master classes. The prestigious school brings together people, cultures and ideas with the ambitious goal of developing responsible leaders who transform business and society.

The educational programs are intended for professionals, senior leaders and managers who want to raise their skills to a higher level and acquire deeper knowledge about various business processes, as well as new ideas on strategic thinking and innovation. Some of the courses will take place in person at four different locations – Europe (France, Fontainebleau), the Middle East (Abu Dhabi), Asia (Singapore) and North America (San Francisco). The partnership with Postbank, one of the leading employers in this country, starts this year and the first interested prospects will be able to start their education this autumn.

The selection of the employees will be done internally so every person interested in taking part of INSEAD masterclasses and meets the preliminary set criteria can apply with a motivation letter and essay, as well as through an additional interview with a specially established Committee. The selection method is part of the strategic vision and a promise which the bank makes as a responsible employer who has proclaimed equity as one of its core values.

“With the pace of constant dynamics and development of economy based on technology and digitalization, it is of paramount importance for the leaders and managers to be given the opportunity for continuous development and improvement of their skills in order to attain effective results in their area of expertise. We at Postbank are aware that a team of exceptional professionals and dignified personalities is behind our 30-year long success story. They are people who not only create and implement the innovations on the market but also set the leading direction for development of the sector. In this regard, we are happy to announce our cooperation with one of the most prestigious business schools in the world – INSEAD. With our new strategic partnership we express our special gratitude to the members of our team for their continuous efforts and achievements by offering them educational programs with a unique proposal for learning and acquiring global manager techniques by which we can continue to show our development to the full extent and to impress the market with our new products, solutions and services“, Postbank commented.

Throughout the years, Postbank has been awarded many times for its innovative solutions in developing a successful and motivated team of people and for establishing a strong employer brand. In 2022, the bank received international recognition from the prestigious competition Employer Brand Stars 2022 in the “Employer Brand Strategy“ category. It earned the title Best Employer of the Year in 2020, in the category ”Employer of the Year“ of B2B Media Group’s Employer Branding Award 2021, and in the 2022 edition it won two first places in the categories ”Excellence in Teamwork“ and “Employer Branding Idea“. In the 30th Jubilee edition of the Bank of the Year awards, Postbank received the Grand Prix – Bank of the Year 2021.

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