Mars’ Iconic M&M’S® Brand Introduces a New Character For The First Time in a Decade

The popular Mars, Inc. brand continues its mission to create a world where everyone feels embraced and belongs with a new addition: Purple

For the first time in 10 years, M&M’S®, a leading brand in the Mars family, is expanding its cutest team with the introduction of a new character and chocolate named Purple. In the meantime, the brand will continue to use its global influence to create a better world and help more people feel connected.

Purple is a featuring female character who supports the ladies and is focused on bringing them together. She has the ability to express herself freely, to embrace herself as she is, her clear self-awareness being the driving force behind her natural charm and pleasantly quirky nature. She joins M&M’S® six main characters in encouraging people around the world to be proud of their identity because it makes them unique.

A recent study shows that Generation Z (which today represents one-third of the population) values and holds on individuality, inclusivity and authenticity as the leading principles that bring them together. Modern society is increasingly encouraging people to accept themselves for who they are and be proud of their uniqueness. Recognizing this and drawing on these values, M&M’S® has set itself the ambitious goal and mission to increase the sense of belonging of 10 million people by 2025.

“It’s a big year for the M&M’S and Mars brand and we are proud to follow our mission to create a world where everyone feels accepted and belongs. The launch of M&M’S newest character, Purple, is the next step in our journey to achieve our goals. We believe that many fans of the brand will identify with and embrace it. Her honesty and the fact that she prides herself on being different makes her stand out and unique. This is also one of the company’s main goals – to show people around the world their differences and encourage them to remove the barriers that prevent them from showing them and feeling included,” said Vanja Vagic, Corporate Affairs Manager for the UBBAI region.

But that’s not all! Trusting that entertainment is one of the brand’s most effective tools for creating relationships, Purple will be performing appropriately with a debut song about goodness and an accompanying music video. The idea is that through the power of music, which has the unique ability to unite, people will be stimulated to embrace their true selves. During her first international performance, Purple received strong support from the rest of the M&M’S team – Red, Yellow, Orange, Brown, Blue and Green, along with the musicians, dancers and artists who were carefully selected for the purpose based on their perception of M&M’S values, talent, ability to unite people and accept themselves.

Fans can hear the new track on M&M’S social media and all major music streaming platforms, while also being able to support diverse and inclusive arts because with every video stream, a $1 donation (up to USD 500,000 total) will be made to Sing for Hope. The partnership with Sing for Hope is part of The M&M’S FUNd – a global initiative that, by providing resources, mentorship, opportunities and financial support in the arts and entertainment, aims to ensure the brand’s mission is fulfilled – people have access to experiences where everyone feels they belong.

Mars has for many years focused significant attention on social problems and the theme of inclusion to improve its business but also to raise public awareness of the challenges which vulnerable groups face on a daily basis. This includes, among other things, a commitment to the formation of gender-balanced management teams, the management of advertising diversity (conducted by the Geena Davis Institute) and the role of the Nitrate Chair, which is part of the UN Women organisation.

For more information about M&M’S new character and to stream her new track, fans can visit M&M’S on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or visit at