Ambassador James Pardew Str. Inaugurated in Sofia

On October 27, 2022 “Ambassador James Pardew” Street was formally inaugurated. The ceremony was orgnized by Mr. Boni Bonev, Chairman, Bulgarian-Swiss Chamber of Commerce and close friend of the late Ambassador Pardew. It was attended by H.E. Herro Mustafa, U.S. Ambassador to Bulgaria, Nancy Schiller, President and CEO, America for Bulgaria Foundation, Yordanka Fandakova, Mayor of Sofia Municipality, as well as by General-Major (ret.) Paul Pardew, son of James Pardew. The exact location of the street is on the north side of Sofia Tech Park – and the event was held there.

The proposal to name a street in Sofia “Ambassador James Pardew Street” was made to Sofia municipality by the Friends of Doctors Garden NGO, and was supported in writing by the New Symphony Orchestra, Ballet Academy Marian, current US ambassador Herro Mustafa, the America for Bulgaria Foundation, Junior Achievement Bulgaria and the American Chamber of Commerce in Bulgaria.

During his tenure in Bulgaria, and afterwards as a citizen, he (James Pardew) showed deep connection with Bulgaria and its people. He was a firm supporter of transparency, he didn’t avoid hard topics and he had active stance on problematic topics in name of the improvement of the lives of all Bulgarians,” said Boni Bonev. He also remembered the fact that Amb. Pardew was the initiator of the “Friends of the Doctors’ Garden” Association, and he contributed personally in its renovation. James Pardew has contribution in the success of over 500,000 students that have passed through the entrepreneurial programs of Junior Achievement Bulgaria.

“I would like to thank Sofia Mayor and the Municipal Council, as well as to the Chief Architect who has picked the perferct location that symbolizes modernization, innovation, and growth – all of these things that each democracy strives,” said Ambassador Herro Mustafa. He address Paul Pardew “Your parents smile today from above!”

Ambasador Mustafa made an overview of the achievements of James Pardew’s service in Bulgaria. “First, he devoted himself to the building of the current building of the U.S. Embassy at 16, Kozyak Str. by creating the perfect symbiosis between Bulgarian and American cultures. Second, his tenure was key to the development of the U.S.-Bulgarian relationship. Third, his commitment in the fight against corruption and his last interviews about Bulgaria were exactly on this topic. Last but not least, strong connections with communities, with people and his desire to help.

We all have on our shoulders what our predecessors have achieved. We have the duty to continue it, to pass the relay, because he believed so strongly that we have to share common ideas. Long live the United States. Long Live Bulgaria. Long live the heritage of James Pardew!” – Ambassador Mustafa finished her remarks.

Paul Pardew said: “Both my parents were very committed to Bulgaria, to its newly built democracy, and its culture. They supported political discussions, ballet, the orchestras, history, and most of all – the Bulgarian art. If I have to say “They loved Bulgaria very much.” would not be enough to describe what they felt about Bulgaria. They were fully emerged into the life in the county and had direct access to all of you till their final breaths. Today, American students from Arkansas study about your art in the State University where my fathers Alma-Mater was.”

AmCham Bulgaria supported the inauguration of Amb. James Pardew Str. due to the strong engagement and committment to the development of Bulgaria and the initiatives of the late Amb. James Pardew during his term in our country. The event was attended by Ivan Mihaylov, CEO, AmCham Bulgaria and Daniel Kiryakov, Communications and Public Affairs Manager.

Moments from the Inauguration Ceremony

Sources: 24 Hours Daily, Sofia Globe