Free Survey on Re-integration of Employees After Long-Leave

What are the company policies in Bulgaria for employees on long leave? What happens to employee benefits during the leave? Do employees on long leave have access to internal company information about organizational changes and job postings? What percentage of the returnees change jobs within their first 1 year after the leave, within or outside their employer?

U Matter Corporate Wellness, Parent Academy, 5under5, Tack TMI Bulgaria join forces to find the answer to those and many other questions to understand how a long term leave affects the productivity and motivation of the employees; how companies manage to re-integrate an essential part of their workforce.

We invite you to participate for free in the survey, if your company:

  • is looking for ways to retain their motivated and qualified employees
  • has employees on long leave who have yet to re-adapt back to the workplace
  • is willing to set aside 10-15 minutes to complete a short survey questionnaire and share their company practices
  • has good practices for long term leaves and re-integration of the employees after their leave and/or want to know more about practices in other organizations

The survey is free-of-charge, and available here

Responses will be accepted from 1-25 November 2022. Survey results will be generated and shared with participants in December 2022.

It is easy to complete, wth just under 20 questions split in four parts:

  • General company information
  • Reasons for long leave
  • Employee leave/return policies
  • Organizational changes to employees who recently returned from a long leave

Detailed survey results will be shared in December 2022 with all survey participants; and an executive summary will be shared with all AmCham member companies.