Database Without Borders – How to Build a Talent Pool of IT Professionals From Multiple Countries?

The dynamic market of technological companies requires increasingly flexible solutions when it comes to identifying and attracting talents. The unprecedented growth in the volume of IT projects, the expansion of software and outsourcing companies, requires a new interpretation of the model of working with the best in this sector. There is a constant need for specialists, who in turn deliver high standards of service, but they are few in number. Bulgaria is one of the most preferred investment destinations for development, but negative demographic growth does not allow the labor market to respond to the colossal number of IT specialists that are in demand. There is practically no concept of unemployment in the IT sector. Talents in the field clearly define their preferences for a remote work model. What’s more, they often turn down project proposals if the employer doesn’t offer a work-from-anywhere option. Kristina Mileva, Team Manager “Sales & Business Development” at Manpower Bulgaria, shares more about the future of the IT professions now that borders are disappearing and the ocean of talents is growing.

Working remotely – once a dream, it has quickly become the primary working model for millions of people around the world

After the hard times of the pandemic, and in many companies even before that period, working remotely became the preferred model of work. Our company has been monitoring, analyzing and defining labor market and human resource trends for more than 80 years. Each year, as well as on a campaign basis, Manpower produces dozens of surveys on the latest trends and attitudes from employers and talents. Each analysis unequivocally underscores IT professionals’ desire to work remotely. These data are valid for the whole South East region. The analysis of these sustained trends gives confidence to all countries in the company’s cluster that it is time to implement a visionary approach and innovative solutions to address the growing need for IT professionals.

“Contractor” as a job title – the future of remote workers

Contractorship is a flexible B2B solution that many companies and professionals use sustainably. It is the current reality for remote IT experts and teams. And thus at the beginning of this year, with combined efforts, expertise and know-how, we created a single, shared database of IT contractors who can be engaged in short and long-term project. This database is updated weekly, always active, never static. Dedicated IT Recruitment departments in all cluster countries add to the pool of IT talents people they have identified, interviewed, validated – both in terms of technological expertize and motivation and soft skills. Moreover, in the last half year we have successfully put a strong focus on building entire mobile teams that through their proven expertize could take on more than one large-scale project. These teams can provide broader coverage and a higher velocity of assignments, providing the business with the opportunity to take on more new projects that increase market share and company profits.

All high quality remote work standards are not just best practices, but measurable outcomes that technology solutions can account for, measure and evaluate. The real challenges that companies have faced until recently with the remote work model are now in the distant past. All innovative technologies support the smooth workflow. IT specialists are in constant collaboration with the teams, they can increase their own efficiency. One of the undeniable benefits of working as a contractor is the ability to build and maintain a healthy balance between work and personal life.

While on the topic of balance, I would like to add that our teams in Research teams in human potential assessment and development are at the constant service of all IT contractors, with the career center at their disposal, as well as all technological tools, including gamification as a state-of-the-art assessment and development tool.

Success lies in proper database management and identifying customer and talent needs

In the map of providers of integrated human resources management solutions, Manpower occupies a central place due to the comprehensive approach we use straight from the strategy level. We find solutions where they are often are invisible to the naked eyer or in our case without the armed eye of professionalism. In order to be as useful as possible to our partners, we create a comprehensive concept. We combine the power of the database with IT contractors with the effectiveness of dedicated IT academies to boost the technological skills of young talent with little or no experience. We create training programs, fully subordinated to the technological needs of companies, with an average duration of three months. At the end of each academy, students takes an exam and present a solution to a real business case. By testing and assessing personal qualities, we ensure that young talents are ready to contribute to the success of the organization from their first day on the job.

In order to be as helpful as possible to businesses, we provide not only the most suitable IT contractors for projects, but also fully integrated solutions for hiring specialists from other countries. Our company takes care of all the accompanying local employment law requirements, recruitment, insurance, administration and reporting.

Remote working is the preferred model for millions of people around the world. As a company that has its finger on the pulse of the job market, we are in many ways pioneering sustainable and logical solutions to our partners’ business needs, one of which is undoubtedly the power of a consolidated database of contractors in the IT sector.