More Than 10,000 Bulgarians Took Part in the Attractive Campaign of M&M’S® Chocolates Encouraging Continuity

In Bulgaria, the popular brand of the company Mars, Incorporated, organizes a series of media activities in support of diversity

More than 10,000 fans in Bulgaria supported the M&M’S brand’s mission to create a world with greater continuity and belonging. For nearly two months, the beloved chocolate brand, part of the Mars, Incorporated portfolio, implemented a series of fun activities to remind people that despite their differences, everyone is unique and an irreplaceable part of the community.

In Bulgaria, the campaign was launched with the announcement of M&M’S ambitious goal to unite everyone through the power of fun and improve the sense of belonging of 10 million people around the world by 2025. As part of this mission, M&M’S FUNd was created – an advisory board whose role is to oversee the brand’s impact on Mars’ mission.

The campaign continued with the launch of a entertaining and educational game on Radio N-JOY, “M&M’S: Rediscover the Taste of Fun”, which attracted over 6,000 participants from all over the country. Over the period of two weeks, fans had the opportunity to answer brand-related questions and compete for great prizes. Ten lucky winners won fun presents – containing a M&M’S kite or a M&M’S hover ball – accompanied by a sweet surprise. And at the end, three winners were chosen to win the grand prize – a unique M&M’S suitcase. All the prizes were chosen with one goal in mind – to show once again how important it is to have fun together, but also to admit our differences and be accepting.

As part of the campaign, M&M’S recently introduced its newest chocolate candy – Purple. The addition of a new character is an incredible move in the brand’s history and the first time it has happened in 10 years. Purple, the newest member of the M&M’S® family, is an interesting female character who has the ability to express herself openly and encourage others to accept themselves for who they are. Her debut song – I’m just gonna be me , which has already managed to reach 265,000 views on YouTube, has become a hit for fans of the brand, and for every video streamed, a USD 1 donation (up to USD 500,000 total) will be made to Sing for Hope. Following the song’s appearance, like a true star, Purple gave an exclusive interview with BTV Media Group. In it, the sweet candy tells more about herself and shares information about rebranding the M&M’S brand.

To fulfill its mission and present a world where everyone feels accepted, M&M’S has also gone through certain changes in the last few months that fans of the brand will notice in the design and products. The brand’s distinctive colour palette has been expanded and the different shapes and sizes of M&M’S chocolates will be used to show that we are all different. A fresh and modern makeover has also been made to the look of the brand’s beloved characters to highlight the importance of self-expression and the power of togetherness, because it is their appearance, character and stories that make them unique representatives of today’s society.

Noticeable changes are more in the women’s lineup, which are expressed, in addition to the new charming candy – Purple, but also in the height of Brown, which has lower heels, and the high boots of Green, which have been replaced with sneakers. The three will unite to support women and all together make the world more glamorous. In the men’s lineup, Yellow becomes even more of an optimist who will share wisdom for people to see the world as it should be. Orange Candy, who is tied more to Generation Z, will embrace his worry without fear of everyone finding out. And last but not least, Red, who is picky and is led by an “alpha,” will now be more willing to share the spotlight with the other chocolate members.

“Numerous studies show that our desire to be accepted is as strong as our desire to be loved. Everyone loves M&M’S and we are happy that today we can redirect this love for the brand in a very important direction – towards creating a more positive and accepting society,” said Vanja Vagic, Corporate Affairs Manager for the UBBAI region at MARS.

All of these M&M’S brand activities are just one of many actions being taken at Mars, Incorporated to create a world where, despite our differences, there is greater continuity and belonging. These include the goal of achieving gender-balanced leadership teams, conducting an independent annual audit of diversity in advertising (led by the Geena Davis Institute), and their role as chair of the Unstereotype Alliance, part of UN Women, among others.

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