Sustainable Development and Disaster management – the Focus of GIS Day 2022

On November 16, Bulgaria will mark the World Day of Geographic Information Systems (GIS) with an online conference entitled “With GIS we are building a sustainable future together”. The largest event in the field in our country is organized for the 23rd year by Esri Bulgaria in partnership with more than 40 organizations.

Within the framework of the forum, leading international and Bulgarian experts will present the new developments, solutions, and good practices in geospatial technologies and their application to the needs of various industries – from geodesy and engineering infrastructure, through the environment, prevention, and emergency management, to smart cities, transport safety, security and many others

A major highlight of the conference program is the application of GIS for environment and disaster management, where Rahim Dobaria, Program Director Geospatial Information of the Habitat Conservation Agency (AKAH) will share the organization’s international experience in the use of GIS for emergency prevention by assessing risks and vulnerabilities. The unified information system for the protected areas of the ecological network “NATURA 2000″ and the flood risk management information system of the Ministry of Environment and Water will be demonstrated live and developed over the past year.

Several significant GIS systems and projects will be in focus in the infrastructure panel. Sasho Donchev, executive director of the largest private gas distribution company in our country – Overgaz, will present the benefits and importance of the corporate GIS system implemented in the enterprise, which this year was awarded the most prestigious international award in the sector – Special Achievements in GIS Award 2022 The system will be demonstrated live, and after it, the Geographical Information System of Silistra Waterworks and the project European Digital Innovation Hub in Construction will be presented.

Another main focus of the program is the application of GIS for transport safety, where GIS applications of the Ministry of the Interior for road safety analysis will be shown, as well as a Geographic Information System for increasing transport safety in the common Bulgarian-Romanian section of the Danube River through improving the response to disaster situations of the Maritime Administration Executive Agency.

The forum will also be attended by the Institute “Big Data for the Benefit of an Intelligent Society” (GATE) with GIS applications for urban digital twins, the National University Center “Geospatial Research and Technologies” at Sofia University with a presentation of the application of GIS in the mapping and assessment of climate and natural hazards and others. You will also be able to see the GIS projects created by students from the “Alexander Georgiev-Kodjakafaliyata” elementary school, part of the “GIS in School” program.

“For more than 20 years, we, from Esri Bulgaria, together with our partners, have been developing and validating the World GIS Day in our country. The event where all of us, together with experts from different fields, share experience, good practices, and ideas on how to effectively deal with the challenges and with the increasingly rich possibilities of GIS to build a sustainable future together“, commented Evgenia Karadjova, manager of Esri Bulgaria.

Participation in the event is free.

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