Postbank Presents EVA Digital Assistant – a Next-Generation Innovative Service

Postbank provides its clients with the next-generation innovative service EVA – a digital assistant based on artificial intelligence technology. Intuitive, efficient and modern, the chatbot was created with vision for the future and is available in all digital channels of the financial institution for both current and future clients. EVA Digital Assistant is the only bot on the Bulgarian market that has the “Speech to Text” functionality – converting the voice message into text format, and also speaks Bulgarian and English. Thanks to the next-generation chatbot, users get instant answers to their questions – within less than 0.1 seconds, easily and conveniently in a channel of their choice:, e-Postbank, m-Postbank, Viber, Facebook messenger. Over 150,000 inquiries to EVA Digital Assistant have been registered during the pilot phase of the service’s launch.

The high-tech solution that Postbank adds to its rich portfolio of products and services aims to offer an even more advanced customer experience. After the financial institution launched EVA – the first bank credit chatbot in our country – back in 2018 and caused huge interest among users, today it presents the latest technological innovation – EVA Digital Assistant. The next-generation service is focused on communication and provides clients with real-time consultation to get the information they need and choose the best financial solutions for them. The algorithm of the innovative chatbot uses natural speech patterns and is ready to respond to the client even after entering freely typed text. EVA Digital Assistant uses functionalities based on artificial intelligence technology that process data automatically. The digital assistant provides the option to transfer the user to a bank employee in live chat when necessary.

“The next-generation service EVA Digital Assistant is the latest technological innovation that we present to our clients. With a focus on digitization and innovation, we constantly upgrade our rich portfolio of products and services together with the latest global trends in the banking sector. The financial solutions we provide are developed according to the modern needs of the market which are in tune with the consumer behaviour of the modern person. EVA is the client’s guide in digital environment, a bot that is always active and ready to assist. The digital assistant’s functionalities are entirely based on artificial intelligence technology, which is developing at a dynamic pace and is constantly being improved, currently answering more than 12,000 questions. Thanks to EVA, users get the unique opportunity to choose the most suitable solutions according to their financial needs – quickly, easily and conveniently,” Postbank commented.

The next-generation innovative chatbot provides up-to-date information on the various products and services from Postbank’s portfolio – the digital wallet ONE wallet by Postbank, the electronic and mobile banking applications e-Postbank and m-Postbank, the tool for confirming online payments and transfers m-Token Postbank, the Express Banking Digital Zones, full information on the bank’s offices and ATM locations, as well as details on the financial products offered – consumer and housing loans, current accounts, credit and debit cards, insurance, package programs, along with the up-to-date tariff of the institution. Clients can also fill in a short survey about their experience using the service, which follows a quick and intuitive approach to assessing customer satisfaction.

New and unique functionalities for the market are to be implemented in order to satisfy Postbank’s clients as much as possible. Among them are expansion of the active operations offered, utilization of points under the My Rewards loyalty program, management, blocking and unblocking of bank cards, request for new bank cards and PIN code and reissuance of existing ones, possibility of completely remote opening of an account, remote application and conclusion of insurance, ordering of transfers and repayment of an obligation under credit products and many others which will be carried out entirely digitally, without the need to visit an office of the financial institution.

More information about the new service EVA Digital Assistant can be found at, in any Postbank office from its wide throughout the country or by calling the short number *7224.