Postbank Holds “Proud of My Parents’ Work” Month

For a seventh consecutive year, Postbank will join the socially responsible “Proud of My Parents’ Work” initiative which is organized by the Bulgarian Network of the UN Global Compact. Students from the second, third, fourth, and fifth grades of nearly 30 Sofia schools will visit the financial institution’s headquarters to learn in detail the specifics of their parents’ work via specially designed educational programs. This year’s edition of the project, traditionally held on 1 November, will take place throughout the whole month due to the high interest of students of more than 30 classes.

Experts from various departments at the bank will share interesting facts about their education, career path, professional experience, and success stories and will give the students valuable guidelines and advice about how they could get their dream job. They will also have the opportunity to tell children about their personal motivation for choosing Postbank as their employer, which presents excellent opportunities for growth perspective and talent development of its more than 3,000 employees. Children will learn a lot of new and valuable information necessary for their career orientation.

“We are happy to be a part of this wide-scale and long-lasting initiative for seven years. At Postbank, corporate social responsibility focusing on young people’s education and development is a key priority, as we believe that children are our better tomorrow. We believe that each parent is a role model and a personal superhero, which is why we are focusing our efforts and energy on supporting this process of inspiring and motivating young people from an early age to make responsible decisions and wise choices. The personal professional path is based on individual competencies and qualities whose development guarantees a continuous process of outstanding career opportunities. With each edition of this initiative, we hope to give children valuable experience and guidelines easily and understandably,” Postbank commented.

The “Proud of My Parents’ Work” initiative aims to show children that work is a need and value, that every person is necessary and useful for society, and that flexible skills and curiosity are a basic prerequisite for any successful personal and professional realization. The initiative creates more empathy with the values of work and advancement in life, thanks to personal qualities, abilities, and accumulated knowledge, and enables each participating company to show its employees that not only are they its most valuable asset but that it appreciates their contribution to the most important audience for them – their children.

Investments in sustainable development are a key element in the activities of Postbank. The main mission of the financial institution is to be a full participant in the processes that the Bulgarian society goes through and to support projects in some of the main spheres of public life, such as education, culture, sports, and care for the environment. Some of the leading projects in the field of education that stand out are Postbank’s large-scale initiative to support the education of students from the National Trade and Banking High School and the Private Vocational High School of Banking, Trade and Finance; the strategic partnerships with SoftUni, INSEAD Business School, and the American University in Bulgaria; the company’s attractive internship program; the educational program in partnership with the Finance Academy; conducting open lessons as part of the “World Money Week” initiative, etc.

More information about the mission, vision, and values of Postbank as a leading employer, as well as about the institution’s rich multi-layered corporate social responsibility policy can be found at