Staff Leasing – the Magic Trick Companies Use to Make Black Friday and Christmas Miracles Come True

What are the “most favorable” times to lease staff, what are the reasons for employers to choose this model for employing additional people, as well as what are the positives for the companies and the people, Iskren Limonov, Deputy Team Leader, Temporary Employment Team, Manpower Bulgaria explains shortly.

When is the peak demand for staff leasing?

When it comes to the service of staff leasing, we can distinguish two major types – long-term and temporary.

Temporary employment sees a peak in demand from companies that have to fill the need for additional staff for a short period. Noticeably, the demand for this type of service is most significant around the Christmas and New Year holidays, Easter holidays, annual inventories, and during the summer season.

Long-term staff leasing is often a solution for companies looking to increase capacity until for example a project is completed, or to procure needed staff for seasonal work. The service is also used to compensate for long-term absences due to sick leave or maternity leave of a permanent employee. The employment period here is often longer than 6 months, and in this type of service, we do not observe specific peak periods.

What makes temporary employment an attractive option for companies?

This service is relatively new to the Bulgarian market but is rapidly gaining popularity among various businesses. We have seen a steady increase in the demand for leasing staff in the last few years, and the COVID-19 pandemic has repeatedly accelerated the process.

The advantages for employers are many – saving time and administration costs, as well as being able to streamline their internal accounting and payroll processes and departments. For a company, regardless of its resources, screening and interviewing a large number of candidates can be a long and cumbersome task that is greatly facilitated by the hiring process without compromising the result – reaching the right employees.

Using the temporary employment service of Manpower Bulgaria, companies receive a professional consultant who is responsible for conducting interviews, to find the desired profiles for the employer – both in terms of skills, experience and knowledge, as well as in terms of personal qualities and characteristics, in line with the corporate culture of the company.

Which industries benefit most from the opportunity to hire workers under this model?

Staff leasing is the preferred option in sectors and industries where the activity does not require permanent employment or the number of employees varies on a project basis.

In Bulgaria, these are most often companies from the retail sector, automotive, manufacturing, pharmaceutical, and logistics corporations, as well as companies not yet registered in the country.

What are the advantages for people working on a “temporary basis“?

As you can see the positives for employers are many, but becoming an employee in a company that offers this service also has its advantages.

One of the major pluses for a job seeker is that a staff leasing provider can assist in finding a job faster than traditional application methods, especially in today’s dynamic and changing job market.

Career consultants help candidates strengthen their resumes while introducing them to new career opportunities that may not have been available to them before when they were working on a permanent contract.

Temporary employment is also a good career start for candidates without experience. They can be referred to temporary positions with the option of moving on to a permanent one, offering better benefits as well.

Working under the temporary employment model also allows for the development of students, young people, and anyone else who does not have the opportunity to work full-time, and allows for additional income even for those who are already employed on a permanent contract.