Sodexo Introduces It’s Unique Philanthropic Cause Stop Hunger to Bulgaria

What is Stop Hunger?

Stop Hunger is Sodexo’s unique philanthropic cause. Its mission is to unite communities with initiatives, people and resources to bring about sustainable change in the fight against hunger.

What is the relationship between Sodexo and Stop Hunger?

Sodexo is the home of Stop Hunger. Sodexo staff launched the initiative in 1996 in the United States.

  • Today Sodexo employees are the driving force behind Stop Hunger.
  • The company also provides essential funding to cover Stop Hunger’s running costs and supports its charitable activities. This means that 100% of all external funds raised go to fight hunger.

Stop Hunger has been fulfilling its mission for 26 years.

See everything we achieved in 2021 in our Аnnual report.

How do we support Stop Hunger?

Every Sodexo employee is eligible to use one day of paid leave to support a cause related to the sustainable fight against hunger.

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BCause – the Local Partner of Sodexo Bulgaria and Stop Hunger

BCause Foundation is an expert organization, a recognized leader with over 25 years of experience at national and international level (since 1995). They encourage people, organizations and communities to transform lives by developing philanthropy and social investment.

Offering people and companies a choice of causes that are meaningful to them, security and easy ways to give (of money, time and labour) and the satisfaction of benefiting society.
Since 2014, the BCause Foundation has operated the Rinker Centre for Entrepreneurship and Training, established to promote education, lifelong learning and support entrepreneurship and business development in Bulgaria.

What causes do we support under the patronage of Stop Hunger?

Rinker Center for Entrepreneurship and Training’s Women’s Challenge and Empowerment Program, developed and managed by BCause.

The main objective of the project is to support women to achieve confidence, empowerment and greater economic independence through the following activities over a 3-year period: assessment and psychological mentoring, employability and self-employment skills training, business start-up training for women with business ideas to improve women’s lives, awarding and business mentoring for the most promising business ideas, networking and communications

The project seeks to support over 120 women to be motivated to take an active role in overcoming obstacles and setbacks in their lives and move forward to meaningful and independent lives. All will be able to build concrete steps to change their lives, be confident to go for job interviews and get hired or start their own business initiatives. The projects supported by the social entrepreneurs will continue to benefit scores of women in various social spheres – educational, social, health.

Outcomes for participants will be measured to assess the benefits they have derived from their participation in the project.

In the evaluation component, we will look to see how many women have gained Increased motivation, stronger commitment to tasks, greater initiative in fulfilling role responsibilities, greater perseverance in the face of obstacles and setbacks. This will be measured through comparative entry and exit interviews, psychological tests, feedback from mentors.

In the Employability Training component, we will be able to identify women with improved confidence and communication skills and monitor their increased activity for employment, number of job interviews, new jobs etc.

In the Entrepreneurship Challenge component, we will assess business qualities, improved business models and increased motivation for women-led ideas that benefit women.
With all activities, we aim to maintain a community of actively sharing and engaged women participants who interact, support each other and exchange new ideas long after the program is over.

Together we can support more women to achieve economic independence. Support Lean how you can support the project here.

The “Children” Foundation works with disadvantaged children and children deprived of parental care.

Parental care is much more than providing shelter – it is the support that teaches us to face challenges and to move forward bravely because we know we always have someone behind us.

Children deprived of parental care are mostly deprived of parental attention, of the warm comfort of feeling that you are the most valued, the most loved and the best. They are deprived of that which builds our self-esteem and connection to the world at a very young age and determines what kind of adults we will be.

These are children who need someone to believe in them, to build trusting relationships together and help them develop as people and individuals. To this end, various professionals (speech therapist, psychologist, teachers, choreographers) and volunteers alike regularly give up their time to spend with the children – to be the good example, to motivate the children to be like them, to show them all the things that the institution cannot – how to plan their budget, how to shop at the store, why it is important to vote, etc.

Activities that build personality and are the foundation for developing skills so important in our time – complex problem solving and teamwork. These activities are creative, sporting, educational, psychological, because through them we try to achieve a long-term effect. Because we need to start preparing children today for the reality that awaits them tomorrow, when they will have to fend for themselves.

Learn how you can support the cause here.