The Standing Committee of the Bern Convention Decided that the Wind Farms Near Kaliakra Are Safe for the Region’s Biodiversity

Thanks to the measures undertaken by the wind farms in the region of Kaliakra and the implemented monitoring systems, the facilities do not represent a threat to nature conservation and the region’s biodiversity. This became evident after the case related to the construction of wind farms in the region of Kaliakra and Balchik was closed in Strasbourg. In late November, the Standing Committee of the Bern Convention decided unanimously during its meeting to close the file on the case ‘Kaliakra’ related to the RES investments in Northeastern Bulgaria. The file dates back to 2004 and in 2007 the Standing Committee issued a recommendation to Bulgaria containing a number of requirements. The Standing Committee took into account the measures taken by St. Nikola Wind Farm as the largest wind park in Bulgaria, as well as the other investors in wind parks in the region, the Environment Ministry, and other competent institutions.

Since the commissioning of St. Nikola Wind Farm, a system for bird monitoring and preservation has been put into operation. That is why, St. Nikola Wind Farm is the backbone of the Integrated Early Warning System for Bird Protection, to which the rest of the wind farms in the Kaliakra region are joined. The integrated system fully complies with the European requirements for the preservation of wild birds. It combines monitoring using modern radars with professional ornithologists on site. The system minimizes the risk of birds colliding with the rotating parts of the wind turbines because, when necessary, the ornithologists order the shutdown of a single, or a group of turbines or entire wind farms. This provides a safe passage for the migrating birds whose protection as well as the conservation of biodiversity is a priority for AES Bulgaria. As a result of the implementation of the Integrated System, not a single incident with birds of conservation value has been registered over the last ten years.

With its capacity of 156 MW, St. Nikola Wind Farm represents about 20% of the total installed wind capacities in Bulgaria.

About AES Bulgaria

AES is the largest investor in the energy sector in Bulgaria. The company owns and operates the newest and most advanced thermal power plant in South Eastern Europe, AES’ TPP in Galabovo, and is the majority owner and operator of the largest wind farm in the country, “Saint Nikola” near the town of Kavarna.
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