CD|APRA Global Winning Strategies

APRA announces strategic partnership with major international consultancy
  • A strategic partnership between Bulgaria’s most effective consultancy and a major global agency has been confirmed overnight
  • APRA joins forces with an influential international firm, CD Global Associates
  • CD|APRA will assist businesses wanting to enter the Balkans, as well as help businesses, politicians, high net worth individuals within the region
  • The team will work across the world, offering unrivaled strategic advice and campaign experience
  • The move highlights the strategic role the Balkans is set to play in the coming years

The new venture, CD|APRA, strategically combines APRA and CD Global Associates, bringing with them more than 200 years of combined experience in political campaigns, public relations, and strategic oversight.

APRA is the region’s most effective communications consultancy, working with major corporate entities, political parties, and NGOs. It boasts a huge team of experienced professionals in its 8 offices across the Balkans.

CD Global Associates specializes in international affairs, public and government relations, and policy-making. Led by Dane Waters, the team has worked on political and communications campaigns on every continent at the highest level.

CD|APRA will work together, offering clients unrivaled strategic advice, from its offices across continental Europe, London, Washington, Lebanon, and Africa.

As campaign specialists, CD|APRA will work with clients to identify winning strategies. Using world-class research, digital expertise, and government and media experience, the team is uniquely positioned to solve complex global issues.

Tomislav Tsolov, Senior Partner, said: ‘During this time of great uncertainty, it is more important than ever that we build relationships that continue to connect the world.

‘CD|APRA brings together the best talents from across different parts of the world, with one central aim: to devise winning strategies for our clients, no matter the problem, no matter the opportunity.

‘This partnership highlights how far the region has come over the past decade. Our work is being noticed and now we look forward to more growth and more opportunities over the coming decade.’

Dane Waters, the Senior Partner, said: ‘CD|APRA brings together a team that has worked on every continent.

‘From leading presidential, prime ministerial, referendum, and other political campaigns, raising businesses profile with international media, to hosting huge, televised events, our team has the unrivaled experience, with connections across the globe.

‘Our aim will be to solve complex problems, regardless of geography, bringing about winning strategies for our clients.’

About CD Global Associates

CD Global Associates, with offices in Beirut, DC, and London, was established to solve complex global issues through commercial and political activities. Founded by Cynthia Warde and Dane Waters, the firm has a global reach with strategic partnerships with over a century of collective experience.


Established in Sofia in 1994 as one of the first PR agencies on the market, APRA is the only Bulgarian agency that has managed to successfully expand and maintain business operations across countries in the Balkans region. In 2012 the company opened offices in North Macedonia, Albania, Kosovo, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, and Serbia, which were later incorporated into APRA PN Balkans Communication Group.

The network growth provides the multicultural team of the agency with the unique opportunity to work on projects covering multiple markets within and outside of the European Union and to meet the needs and expectations of various target groups. The diversity of the employees and collaborators, as well as the profound knowledge of regional markets, is the key to the successful completion of communication campaigns in the region and gives local life to global ideas and initiatives.