Edenred Bulgaria’s Christmas gifts in Support of Bulgarian Beekeeping

This year for Christmas, Edenred Bulgaria donated the amount intended for Christmas gifts to its customers in support of Bulgarian beekeeping by adopting three hives from the Istinski Med platform.

Our Christmas gifts this year are our way to help the bees

The Christmas gifts off Edenred Bulgaria’s customers this year are in support of Bulgarian beekeeping. Instead of spending on unnecessary things for Christmas, we decided to adopt three beehives from the Istinski Med platform. Its goal is to support Bulgarian beekeeping and the bee population in Bulgaria. In line with Edenred’s policy of improving the quality of life of local communities, the program „Adopt Beehive” provides support to beekeepers who care for adopted hives and encourages them to increase the bee population in their region.

Our Christmas gifts this year are in support of the company’s corporate social responsibility policy

Edenred Bulgaria follows the Group’s program for corporate social responsibility. This program aims to support society in three main directions: Improving the quality of life, Protecting the environment and Creating value responsibly through the company’s products and services. Edenred Bulgaria is also committed to communicating topics such as food waste and healthy eating.

In the person of the „Istinski med“ platform, we recognized a partner who professes similar values. We are happy that by adopting beehives and choosing „Istinski med“ honey for Edenred Bulgaria customers’ Christmas gifts this year, we are fulfilling our goals of protecting the environment, supporting local communities and striving for healthy eating.

Why we have choose to support the bees for Christmas?

With its Christmas gifts, Edenred Bulgaria chose to support bees because they are invaluable for the protection of our nature and because the product they produce is indispensable in a healthy diet.
Bees are one of the most important working animals in the world because they fix plants. Without this service of bees, people would live without about a third of their food. These little critters are an essential pillar in our ecosystem. Over 80% of flowering plants depend on their pollination. Without the help of the bees, most of the plants will not be able to produce fruits and seeds. The earth, the people meals, the survival of many plants and animal species will be threatened. Bees are declining globally as they face many threats. Therefore, this year instead of spending money on unnecessary things for Christmas, we decided to support Bulgarian beekeeping.

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