Miroslav Samuilov is the new Commercial Director of Shell Bulgaria

Miroslav Samuilov assumed the position of Commercial Road Transport (CRT) Senior Key Account Manager in Shell Bulgaria. His deep knowledge and expertise in the Heavy Goods Vehicle (HGV) sector will be key to his new position within the company. He will lead an experienced sales team with ambitious goals related to both the provision of competitive card services and the decarbonisation of the sector and reduction of the carbon footprint.

Miroslav Samuilov has over 20 years of experience in the transport sector. He has held various roles that have allowed him to get to know the industry in depth. He began his career as an international transport driver, subsequently becoming a salesperson in a sales and service centre for Mercedes medium and heavy-duty vehicles, a managing partner in a service cards company and a manager in a forwarding and international transport company. For several years, he managed the supply of fuel, tolls, and trucks, as well as being responsible for the recovery of VAT and excise duty in one of the largest transport companies in Bulgaria. He also has considerable experience as a sales manager for Iveco medium and heavy-duty vehicles in Bulgaria.

Led by a proven expert like Miroslav Samuilov, Shell Bulgaria’s sales team will work even more actively for the development of the Shell Card, which includes fuels and additional road services for companies engaged in heavy cargo transport, and the decarbonisation of the industry which emits up to 9% of global carbon emissions. Shell believes that it can contribute to finding more sustainable solutions and is making systematic efforts – independently and in partnership with transport companies – on their way to a more sustainable and environmentally-friendly business model.