Ivan Mihaylov on bTV: Business Expects Predictability, Certainty, Security.

Ivan Mihaylov, AmCham Bulgaria CEO was a guest at the bTV Morning Show “This Morning” (Tazi Sutrin) hosted by Zlatimir Yochev. This conversation was an another echo of AmCham’s Rule of Law and Business Environment Conference, January 20, 2023.

Ivan Mihaylov pointed out the the business expects predictability, certainty and security with from the government and the authorities. An improvement is needed in the work of the juducial system and more preciesely on the non-biased solution of cases and in fast judgement. Flexibility of the authorities should be seen as catching up of the regulation with the dynamic business environment and not to leave any areas for interpretation where we have lack of regulation.

He commented the ongoing topic of Nexo by saying the the case is closed in the United States with the recent announced agreement of the company with the U.S. Security and Exchange Commission, with NASAA, etc. as per their official statement.

“Lack of such regulation leads to a broad debate as the one we are seeing recently (in Bulgaria, ed.). This case will not influence the trade relations between Bulgaria and the United States,” pointed out Mihaylov.

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