EY Bulgaria: “Legal and tax aspects of eCommerce” February 2, 2023, Sofia

Leading lawyers and tax consultants from EY will share information on the recent changes that have been introduced in the past year and on what are to come in 2023 in Bulgaria and Europe and how would these changes affect the work of e-merchants selling at home and abroad.

Some of the topics concern the Omnibus directive, mainly aimed at the communication of promotional campaigns in online stores, personal data protection, the new European regulation on the exemption of vertical agreements, the obligations for payment reports in e-commerce and the exchange of information from the platforms and many others. Also to be discussed are distance contracts and the rights and obligations of legal entities performing online sales. The organizers have planned a panel to introduce innovative tools that can improve online businesses.

The forum will be held on February 2, 2023 in Sofia and will be extremely useful for e-shop owners, accountants who take care of servicing one or more online merchants, people who intend to start an online business and others.

The guests of the event will be able to listen to the lectures and meet the lecturers – leading experts in the industry:

  • Svetlin Adriyanov – lawyer with 25 years of experience and practice in the field of corporate and commercial law, mergers and acquisitions, competition and antitrust policy, consumer protection, intellectual property, litigation and arbitration
  • Yura Mincheva – manager and lawyer at the Ernst & Young Law Partnership with many years of experience in competition law, administrative disputes and procedures and others
  • Ignat Arsenov from the Consumer Protection Commission