IT specialists grew their beards out to support the youngest ones in their battle to grow up strong and healthy

The iconic bearded campaign raised funds for Our Premature Babies

Once again, Scalefocus sent the year off with a positive result with social significance. Through the industry’s iconic IT Beards campaign and with the help of the BCause Foundation, the software company’s team made a donation towards the Our Premature Babies cause.

At the end of 2022, the campaign in Bulgaria, North Macedonia and Türkiye went under the motto “We take care of each other and together we create change”. IT Beards is a traditional Scalefocus initiative during which colleagues participate in a competition for the best-kept beard. Voting generates revenue that goes to the selected cause. For this purpose, a special platform has been built that supports photos, voting, cashless payments to the foundation and thus guarantees users a fully digital experience in the spirit of remote work. In addition to the male participants in 2022, for the first time ever, the ladies of the company also got involved with fake beards and moustaches and through entertainment significantly increased the donation pool.

“There are many ways for a company to be socially engaged, but what we allow ourselves to show publicly are actually the efforts of our colleagues and the causes they pour their hearts into. IT Beards is a great example of this – almost a third of the team recognized the campaign and actively contributed to it. Colleagues from the three countries in which we operate got involved, as well as people outside the company who wanted to support the children. The language of social responsibility is common and geographical boundaries are blurred. For us, this is one of the several larger traditional campaigns during the year and we are talking about it because we believe that goodness is contagious and a good example should be shared,” commented Ivan Ivanov, CEO of Scalefocus.

IT Beards takes place every year in November and goes under the banner of the global Movember movement. In addition to the donation, the initiative aims to inform about the risks to men’s health and to provoke care for oneself and those closest to you. In 2022, for the first time, the campaign went beyond this framework and united both men and women in support of the health and wellbeing of the youngest.

“This is one of several big initiatives that we run internally, but it’s definitely the one that generates the most donations and unites the energy of our colleagues,” shares Tsvetelina Eremieva, Chief People Officer at Scalefocus. “The end result is important, of course, but it’s also important to reach colleagues through the fun element and develop the culture of social engagement that is so characteristic of the Scalefocus team. And we’re glad to be the good example that other companies have followed.”

“Any support for our cause is important to us, but it is no less important to see how it spreads – the good example is passed on from person to person. It is also very motivating for us to see whole teams united with care for the youngest heroes and their families. Every gesture, every smile of love for life, every shared moment and extended hand moves us sincerely,” commented Monika Zlatanova from the “Our Premature Children” Foundation.