Healthcare Committee Priorities 2023

On January 18, 2023 the Healthcare Committee discussed the proposed priorities for 2023. The main goal of its leadership is to build-up the achived so far with the Healthcare Report 2021, and to continue pushing for tangible reforms in some of the critical areas the report outlines.

Building on the foundations over the last couple of years means that HCC should focus on a project that aims to increase efficiency in the Bulgarian Healthcare System (Overarching Goal). More specfically, it means that it will structure a projct to provide solutions for optimization of Hospital Care.

Why Hospital Care and AmCham?

there are at leas five sub-areas that need improvement:

  1. Budget & Financial Situation
  2. High degree of Inefficiencies
  3. Possibility for Digitalization
  4. Transformation into Outpatient Care
  5. Allows for linking to other strategic initiatives

To be successful, such an approach requires early engagement and co-ownership with Doctors Union and Hospital Association

Find our more from the HCC PresentationJanuary 18, 2023 delivered by Luka Chichov, Co-Chair and CEE Manager, IQVIA.

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