The Labor Market is Recovering in January 2023

  • The IT sector is the only one that continues to shrink on a yearly basis
  • Following the drastic drop in online job offerings in December 2022, we are noticing a recovery of the labor market in January. At the end of the month, the total number of job ads is 46 000, which is 66% growth compared to the previous month. On a yearly basis, there is also a growth of 2%.
  • Each sector has a double-digit growth in job offerings.

The biggest increase in job ads is in the ‘Retail and Commerce’ sector – the offerings have increased with 4600 more compared to the previous month (74% growth). We are also noticing big increase in the sectors ‘Manufacturing’ (3100 more job offerings, 76% growth), ‘Hotels, Restaurants, Tourism’ (2600 more job offerings, 72% growth), and ‘Administrative, Office and Business activities’ (2100 more job offerings, 75% growth).

Following are the sectors ‘Logistics and Transportation’ (1600 more job offerings, 57% growth), ‘Construction’ (1200 more job offerings, 93% growth), ‘IT’ (1100 more job offerings, 20% growth), ’Healthcare and Pharmacy’ (1000 more job offerings, 84% growth), ‘Accounting, Audit and Finance’ (970 more job offerings, 67% growth) and ‘Marketing and PR’ (650 more job offerings, 62% growth).
There are also positive results compared to the previous year. The biggest growth compared to January 2022 is in the ‘Logistics and Transportation’ sector. The jobs in it are with 1600 more than a year ago (55% growth). Next is the ‘Hotels, Restaurants, Tourism’ sector where we observe 1400 more jobs than in January 2022 (29% growth) and obviously, this sector has managed to recover after suffering the turbulent effects of the COVID-19 pandemic period.

However, the ‘IT’ sector continues to shrink compared to January 2022. The job offerings have decreased by 2300 on a yearly basis which is a 30% drop.

Market share

Looking at the market share, the first place continues to be occupied by the ‘Retail and Commerce’ sector with 23%, followed by ‘Manufacturing’ (16%) and ‘Hotels, Restaurants, Tourism’ (13%).
Following are ‘IT’ (12%), and ‘Administrative, Office and Business activities’ (11%), ‘Logistics and Transportation’ (10%), ‘Construction’ (5,4%), ‘Accounting, Audit and Finance’ (5,3%), ’Healthcare and Pharmacy’ (4,9%), ‘Marketing and PR’ (4%) and ‘Art, Design and Creative’ (1%).

Work from home

Work from home and remote jobs have increased by 45%. In January 2023 we are observing 1500 more remote positions as the total number reaches 4500 (12,3% share).

The distribution of these jobs by sectors is 63% in the ‘IT’ sector, 14% in ‘Administrative, Office and Business activities’, 12% in ‘BPO’ and 6% in ‘Retail and Commerce’.

Jobs by cities

The growth in January is a result mainly of the jobs increase in the leading municipal cities. The total number of job ads in them has increased by 75% and the individual growth in each of them is: Sofia (74%), Plovdiv (76%), Varna (91%), Burgas (82%), Ruse (67%) and Stara Zagora (61%).

Most of the jobs in Bulgaria are in Sofia and the region – 51%. The market share in the rest of these cities is: Plovdiv (10%), Varna (9%), Burgas (4%), Ruse (3%) and Stara Zagora (2%).

Jobs, suitable for refugees

The number of jobs suitable for refugees increased by 64% in January. The total number is returning to the average monthly volume – 2200 job offerings which are 6% of all jobs.

JobТiger will continue to monitor and report the dynamics in online job offerings in Bulgaria in the following months.