Geotrading Signs Largest Contract for Bridgestone Commercial Tires

Geotrading AD has signed a contract for the purchase of Bridgestone commercial tires. The quantities contracted for a three-year period are the largest ones for the territory of Bulgaria.
“Geotrading AD and Bridgestone Bulgaria have had a business relationship since 2013, and this is a natural follow-up on our years-long successful partnership,” said Mrs Emilia Ilieva, Executive Director of Geotrading AD. Thanks to this contract, the company will ensure timely deliveries of quarry dump truck tires for its customers.

“All of us in the Bridgestone Bulgaria team are proud of the fact that our company has been selected as a main supplier of commercial tires. This is one of our largest supply contracts for this size of tires in Europe. Bridgestone Corporation is an established world leader in the area of commercial tires. The signing of this long-term contract with Geotrading AD comes as further proof of the high standards and quality of the Bridgestone products. Thank you for the trust placed in us, and I do believe that this is yet another step in the years-long successful cooperation between our companies,” said Mr Ivo Dobrev, Bridgestone Europe branch manager for Bulgaria and North Macedonia.

The Bridgestone commercial tires are suited for heavy duty service that requires extra protection against mechanical damage and withstanding wide ambient temperature variations on the worksite. They offer improved traction and higher cut resistance, the tread pattern gives them a longer lifespan, and the reinforced shoulders keep the sidewall out of harm’s way. Bridgestone commercial tires last longer on the road and enhance vehicle performance. The Bridgestone’s cut the idle time needed to change and repair truck tires.