Kamenitza AD Recognized as a Top Employer by the Top Employer Institute

For the first time Kamenitza AD applies and receives double award from Top Employer institute: Top Employer certification in Bulgaria and Top Employer certification in Europe, thus joining a selected group of 2053 companies in 121 countries.

By receiving the two certificates we are globally recognized for our excellency in our people practices and the way we live to Our Ambition of becoming First Choice for our People, our Consumers, and our Customers.

“In addition to the distinction received at local level, the European logo attests at group level that we foster a culture in which we value and respect our differences and we believe diversity and inclusion is the key to promote a winning team culture. We support a growth environment for our employees, and the development of the communities we are part of, facts that have been embedded into our culture from the very beginning.”, comments Vladan Matic, Executive Director of Kamenitza AD.

The application process for obtaining a certificate from the Top Employers Institute lasts several months. It includes the collection of comprehensive information about the company’s practices related to talent acquisition, the selection process, hiring, onboarding, onboarding, training and development, upskilling, well-being and the company’s overall employee strategy and experience . In addition to the provision of comprehensive information and data, for which it is necessary to present as evidence specific initiatives, projects and communications, the process also goes through interviews with representatives from the relevant company in order to obtain more detailed information on specific topics. Tsveta Velichkova, HR Director of Kamenitza AD shares that the process requires a lot of efforts, time, energy an focus. She believes that the certificate is a great recognition of the investments in people (material and non-material). She adds that more importantly, the program allows for a real awareness of the impact that the practices implemented have on employees. For her, this is an effective compass for checking the right direction and encouraging it to be followed and continued. Some of the initiatives that the company is most proud of are related to employee wellbeing programs, flexible working schedule for positions where this is possible, equal weighting between achievements and values in annual appraisals, an environment where everyone can be heard (not least) and over 10,000 man-hours of online and live training each year.

Top Employers Institute CEO David Plink says: “Exceptional times bring out the best in people and organizations. And we have witnessed this in our Top Employers Certification Program this year: exceptional performance from the certified Top Employers 2023. These employers have always shown that they care for the development and well-being of their people. By doing so, they collectively enrich the world of work. We are proud to announce and celebrate this year’s group of leading people-oriented employers: the Top Employers 2023.”

To obtain the two distinctions, the company went through an extensive and rigorous process carried out by the Top Employers Institute, the global authority which recognizes excellence in People Practices. The Top Employers Institute program certifies organizations based on the participation and results of their HR Best Practices Survey. This survey covers six HR domains consisting of 20 topics including People Strategy, Work Environment, Talent Acquisition, Learning, Diversity & Inclusion, Wellbeing and more.