New Record for AES Bulgaria: In 2022, St. Nikola Wind Farm Had the Highest Output Since it Was Commissioned

AES Bulgaria has set a new generation record. In 2022, St. Nikola Wind Farm, owned by the company, generated the largest amount of electricity since it was commissioned in 2010. The 52 turbines of the largest wind farm in Bulgaria have provided 356 056 MWh of green power. This represents a growth of 8% Y/Y and is equal to the average annual consumption of about 100 000 Bulgarian households.

In December 2022 alone, St. Nikola Wind Farm generated around 35 000 MWh. This amount of energy equals the average monthly consumption of the households in the cities of Dobrich, Shumen, and Razgrad, for example. This proves once again the steady trend for St. Nikola Wind Farm to provide for a greener electricity consumption of thousands of households in Northeastern Bulgaria.

St. Nikola Wind Farm is the backbone of the Integrated Early Warning System for Bird Protection which fully complies with the European requirements for the preservation of wild birds. The system minimizes the risk of birds colliding with the rotating parts of the wind turbines by shutting down a single, group of turbines or entire wind farms. The system includes also a monitoring program for birds of conservation value during the risk periods. Thanks to this and after the efforts made by the investors in wind farms in the region of Kaliakra, in late 2022 the Standing Committee of the Bern Convention decided that these wind parks are safe for the region’s biodiversity.

About AES Bulgaria

AES is the largest investor in the energy sector in Bulgaria. The company owns and operates the newest and most advanced thermal power plant in Southeastern Europe, AES’ TPP in Galabovo, and is the majority owner and operator of the largest wind farm in the country, “Saint Nikola,” near the town of Kavarna.

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