Authentic Touches of a Valuable Partnership: Legal Excellence, Fine Arts, and Visionary Approach

A great membership story in the AmCham Bulgaria community that sustained over the years

How much time is needed for a great gift to be given?

This is not a math task but rather a real-life story stretched over almost three years’ timeframe. Shortly after the Chamber moved to its current office in downtown Sofia in mid-2019, which coincided with the promotion of Att. Nikolay Cvetanov to the Managing Partner of “Penkov, Markov and Partners” and his strategic conversation with the AmCham team at our new premises. “You know that our founder, Mr. Penkov is keen on fine arts. He has selected a great painting that he would like to present to the Chamber and to be hung up in your new office,” he said. It was at the beginning of 2020. A few weeks later, Bulgaria experienced its first national lockdown due to the pandemic. Two and a half years have passed in navigating the work of the law firm and the chamber in complex matters, some of them – such as AML, whistleblowing directive transposing, energy sector issues, state measures to overcome COVID-19 influence on the businesses, etc, and in many of them PMP voluntary supported the efforts of AmCham Bulgaria and the represented industries to defend their interest, and the business environment to remain intact.

Then both teams faced another hurdle – matching the busy calendars of Att. Vladimir Penkov and AmCham’s new CEO – Ivan Mihaylov. The latter stated in his first message to the membership that focusing on members, their concerns, and managing their expectations is his top priority. Probably there was nothing about receiving a beautiful painting donated by one of the doyens in the legal and law-making community in Bulgaria. Life, such as the given artwork, is colorful, and vivid, and sometimes brings joy and delight.

On March 29th, 2023 this great painting by Iliya Zhelev was formally introduced to the AmCham’s office personally by Attn. Penkov and Att. Cvetanov. Both teams talked about this story, how the painting was selected, the painter’s portfolio and techniques, as well as discussed their common work, vision about the future of Bulgaria, and how both can collaborate better.

Now, AmCham Bulgaria has a great painting in its office that will welcome many members and stakeholders while discussing partnerships, strategic matters, and how to improve Bulgaria’s investment climate.

Thank you, Mr. Penkov, Mr. Cvetanov, and the whole “Penkov, Markov and Partners” Team for another great voluntary gesture to AmCham Bulgaria.