Nature Supply Visits Chelopech Mine Thanks to Thanksgiving Charity’22

Mining industry rarely comes under the spotlight. It is a tough business where glamor is replaced by dark sediment. A visit at the Chelopech mine promised to reveal the secret of the underground mineral resources and their processing into concentrated material. These are the impressions of Spas Georgiev, CEO, Nature Supply. He and his colleague were guests at the AmCham Bulgaria Thanksgiving Charity Dinner 2022.

Our expectations were modeled mainly by Gold rush movies and novels by Jack London and Charles Dickens. Well, all these concepts were blown away by the scenery at Chelopech mine. We were met by the friendliest and competent people who showed us around the entire site and provided detailed information about the mining operations in a most comprehensible way.

Can you imagine driving along the underground mine passages and observing a fully automated process of blasting, crushing, grinding and extracting the ore concentrate? It was amazing to witness how far the technology has gone in this industry and how it has changed the concept of a mine.

The most spectacular venue, apart from the underground mine, was the smart center where a qualified team operates, manages and monitors the full work cycle via enormous screens displaying all stages of the mining process. It is a place where ultimate digital innovations virtually meet raw mineral deposits and create modern cost effective and profitable business cycle. The mine is an example of strong integration of intellect, technology, innovations and value.

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Talking about values, our group was so impressed with the social policy of the company. Knowing that human factor is the most essential asset, the management has established an environment of integrity, social benefits and decent attitude for all employees. Programs and events organized in partnership with the municipality and in support of local culture, sport and traditions add to the intangible value of the whole company.

In addition, the blend of innovative tools, strict observance of golden rules and appropriate care for the staff provide keys to sustainable business development and is a sort of practical manual for every entrepreneur. Such a visit is also a motivating factor as it encourages young entrepreneurs that any goal is attainable.

Warmest and special thanks to all the team that made us part of that amazing journey in a land where business practices, strategic thinking and core values are fundamental principles.

Thank you Dundee, it was really a most Precious experience!