Bilateral Chambers with Open Letter to Defend Market Economy and Free Competition

On April 7, 2023, an open letter initiated by the German-Bulgarian Industrial and Trade Chamber and supported by six other bilateral chambers was sent to the President of the Republic of Bulgaria and the Caretaker Primer Minister.

The letter says: “As oriented towards the future and responsible economic community, we feel indulged to get engaged with the development of the country. With that regard we declare our support towards the principles of market economy and free competition. On multiple occasions we have said that we are in favor for faster accession of Bulgaria towards the Schengen space and for the introduction of the euro as Bulgaria’s currency.

(And also) “…we have always insisted for the implementation of transparent and fair practices towards all foreign investors in Bulgaria”

“We support the sanctions implementation if there are registered violations by the respective authorities of the legal framerwork, as well as in activities to overcome non-market practices. However, we stand on the position that it is necessary to have into account on the created advantages in specific sectors of the economy for the different groups of consumers as well. In the other case, controversion signals are send to towards local and foreign investors. The cumulative crises – high levels of inflation in Bulgaria, the war in Ukraine, the energy crises, foresee unified actions towards their overcoming, and rather not confrontation between the government and the business, creating impression of administrative pressure.”

Read the full Open Letter (in Bulgarian)