Psychologist in the Workplace | Employee Satisfaction and Productivity

❓ How to cope with stress and anxiety at work?

As we navigate the ever-changing work environment, it’s imperative to address our needs to achieve personal and career growth.

Understanding and applying psychology in the workplace can create a safer working environment where employees feel understood and empowered. This leads to increased productivity and happiness levels.

❓ How do we know that?

We tried it. For more than a year we have had an expert among us and the change is evident. Work satisfaction among the team increased, the dynamics improved, and we’ve learned how to incorporate small exercises into our routines for healthier coping skills.

In this edition of Talent Talks with Bica we will delve deeper into the role of a psychologist in the workplace and provide practical tips on how to stay motivated and grow personally. These strategies will equip you with the tools you need to confidently face any challenges that the work environment may bring.

*The event will be held in Bulgarian.

👇 About the Speakers:

Mladen Vladimirov is an organizational psychologist and HR Business Partner at Bica. He has 15 years of experience in the field of individual and corporate counseling.

His professional interests include prevention of work-related stress and effective crisis management.

Viktoriya Dyakova is an expert in clinical and cognitive psychology. She has a personal practice with focus on burnout, anxiety and conflict management.

👇 About Bica:

Bica is an HR Growth Facilitator, helping IT companies and tech talent flourish.

Focusing on product-oriented projects, attracting foreign investment and building R&D centers from scratch, identifies and builds long-term relationships between top talent and businesses, contributing to the overall development of the ecosystem.