Communication and CSR Working Group 2nd Meeting – Overview

On April 25, 2023 we had the second meeting of the AmCham Bulgaria Communications and CSR Working Group. The meeting was held at the The Whitaker Auditorium at the American College of Sofia. There were two major topics in the agenda: 1) Q1/2023 Highlights of the Chamber’s activities and 2) a special presentation of the American College of Sofia, delivered by Emily Sargent Beasley, President of ACS. The presentation of Ms. Sargent Beasley focused on the mission of the American College of Sofia, the values and accomplishments of the institution throughout the years, and the approaching anniversary celebration of the reopening of the American College of Sofia. The presentation also includes corporate sponsorship opportunities for the approaching anniversary event at ACS, Arts Fest, that will take place on June 10.

The event was hybrid – it welcomed physically at American Colleges of Sofia and virtually nearly 30 participants.

Here is part of the meeting overview, and more will follow shortly.

AmCham Bulgaria Highlights Q1/2023 and Next Activities

Presentation by Daniel Kiryakov, AmCham Bulgaria

American College of Sofia

Presentation by Emily Sergent Beasley, President, ACS